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SQ logos and style guide

If you have received funding from Screen Queensland, your funding agreement will set out the requirements for public acknowledgement of this support, including the correct usage of the Screen Queensland logo.

    All logo usage must be approved by Screen Queensland prior to going public.

Please email media@screenqld.com.au – to request the logo format you require and with consideration of the below guidelines:


Screen Queensland logo integrity

The Screen Queensland logo is a locked-up logo containing the Screen Queensland and Queensland Government logomarks. No element of the logo can be rearranged or altered in any way that will affect the graphic integrity for instance, changing font, using another colour, adding artistic filters, stretching or putting the logo at a different angle.

Technical specifications for using the Screen Queensland logo

To ensure the integrity of the Screen Queensland logo, the below criteria must be applied:

The Screen Queensland locked logo is available in JPEG, TIFF, EPS and PNG files, in full colour, one colour, reverse and mono versions. Should you require in any other format, please advise SQ Marketing at least five (5) working days from deadline delivery.

The Screen Queensland locked logo is available in horizontal and portrait versions.

The full colour logo is the preferred style and takes precedence over all other versions. The logo must appear on a white or light background.

Preferred logo – horizontal or stacked



Mono and reverse versions of the Screen Queensland logo may only be used where colour reproduction is not available, and should be chosen on the basis of maximum contrast with the background. Mono logo to be used on lightly coloured or neutral backgrounds and the reversed logo to be used on bright or deeply coloured backgrounds.

If the Queensland Government logo is already being represented on the material, only the Screen Queensland logo can be used.

Where the Screen Queensland logo is being used online, the logo will link to the Screen Queensland website, at www.screenqld.com.au, or a specific section of the Screen Queensland site identified in material.


The minimum height of the Screen Queensland and the Queensland Government locked logo must measure 15mm for both horizontal and stacked versions.

It is essential to maintain a clear space around the Screen Queensland logo, the width of the Q.


Where the Screen Queensland logo cannot be represented due to space restrictions, or when the Screen Queensland logo has already been used on the page, the Screen Queensland logomark may be used as a single logo with statement. Please contact the Screen Queensland Communications and Marketing department to request this logo. The supporting statement needs to be written in Gotham / Bold, minimum 8pt type size as follows:

x is proudly supported by Screen Queensland and the Queensland Government.

The spelling out of Queensland.

The common abbreviation for Queensland (ie Qld) is not to be used in any advertising or promotional materials referencing Screen Queensland support by external parties.


> Equal acknowledgement

The Screen Queensland logo must receive the same prominence and proportion as the logos and identifiers of other supporting parties who have made a similar contribution.

The Screen Queensland logo should not be smaller than any other logo on the material.

Where another Queensland Government body is involved in the event and their logo placement is before Screen Queensland’s placement, only one Queensland Government logo is required.


Approval by Screen Queensland is required for ALL usage and representation of the Screen Queensland logo and representation.

This includes usage for static materials plus opening and / or closing credits.

Please allow a minimum of 48 hours notice for approvals (this is for the approval process only and to request an ad or artwork requires a minimum of one working week for construction) as all artwork must also be sent to the Queensland Government for approval.

Usage Intent: The Screen Queensland logo shall only be used for the purpose for which the original, approved request was made. Any other usage of the logo beyond the original request is strictly prohibited.

For any questions on Screen Queensland logo placement, please contact the Marketing team on +61 7 3248 0500.