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external assessors

Screen Queensland uses industry experts in its assessment of applications for funding Development Investment, Production Investment, RFFF and targeted initiatives.

Assessors have been chosen for their specialism in screen storytelling and/or business across factual and fiction projects across all screens.

Please note: applicants will not be informed which assessor(s) have been appointed to their project.

External assessors:

Adam Bishop

Alison Black

Anthony Morris

Belinda Miller

Blake Mizzi

Dan Lake

Dan Vogt

Dominic Morris

Ella Macintyre

Gareth Calverley

Geoff Gardner

Jan Cattoni

Jannine Barnes

Karin Altmann

Katie Gall

Kiki Fung

Kristy Matheson

Lauren Clinnick

Leah James

Lisa Shaunessy

Mark Bowling

Michael Wrenn

Neil Rennison

Nick Atkinson

Nicole Stark

Pauline Chan

Peter Herbert

Regina Lee

Richard Cohen

Ruth Atkinson

Shane Krause

Shayne Armstrong

Susan Boehm

Trevor Powell

Vanessa Oxlad

Vee Pendergrast