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market funding

What is Market funding?

Screen Queensland (SQ) Market funding supports producers, game developers and (where appropriate) other key creatives to market and sell high quality screen projects and games capable of engaging local and international audiences, winning critical acclaim and achieving commercial success. Funding is to support producers, game developers and projects as the foundation of a successful and sustainable industry, and is predominantly focused on supporting travel to key content markets.

Travel grants will only be offered where:
-a project is being introduced to the market;
-a project is ready to close; or
-where the showcase of a completed project can be converted to interest in new projects.

PLEASE NOTE: Applications close six (6) weeks prior to the event/market.

How do I apply?

  1. Read the guidelines and terms of trade, paying special attention to the eligibility and assessment criteria for the fund. Your team must pass all eligibility and strongly satisfy all assessment criteria to have a competitive application.
  2. Contact Screen Queensland’s Content team to discuss your application. Email or phone (07) 3248 0500. Screen Queensland is unable to discuss your application while it is undergoing assessment.
  3. Complete the application form at at least six (6) weeks prior to the event/market.
  4. Screen Queensland will notify the applicant via email of any missing materials. These materials will need to be submitted within two (2) business days of notification or the project will not proceed to assessment and will be deemed withdrawn. An application will only proceed to assessment when all sections of the form are complete and all requested materials and documentation have been submitted satisfactorily. Allow at least four (4) weeks to receive notification of your application’s outcome.

What documents should you read?

– Guidelines
Terms of Trade

Have a question?

Screen Queensland’s content team is happy to discuss our programs or your project at any stage prior to application, simply call +61 7 3248 0500 and ask to discuss Market funding.