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SQhub – Teneriffe, Brisbane

June 18, 2021

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Casual bookings are available. The meeting room is $60 a day and hotdesks are $20 a day.

Level 2, 130 Commercial Road, Teneriffe

SQhub Brisbane is a dynamic co-working space which has helped grow many creative businesses since its launch in 2018 in its original location on Florence Street, Newstead.

Located in one of Teneriffe’s historic, industrial wool shed buildings, the SQhub is a short walking distance from public transport (including the Teneriffe Ferry terminal), eateries and shops (Woolworths and the popular Gasworks precinct), and the picturesque Brisbane River.

The space is across the hall from the Screen Queensland office, wth 24 hour secure access, internet, electricity, meeting room, lounge, kitchenette and end of trip facilities.

  • Tanya Modini, Screaming Birds (writer)  –  part time
  • Cathy Dinh, Red Bean Productions (producer) – part time
  • Arun Ketsirat, Seeding Time Pictures Pty Ltd (producer) – part time
  • Svetlana Angus (writer) – part time
  • Ellie Samson (game developer) – full  time
  • David Kilford, Lamington Games Pty Ltd (game developer) – full time
  • Melanie Taylor, Mellow Games (game developer) – full time
  • METHOD TO MY MADNESS – Natalie Sim & Alex Flamsteed.
    A Brisbane film production company that has multiple projects in development and two in production. They work with a steady base of commercial clients across all industries to fund their creative goals including feature films, documentaries and television series.
  • Lamington Games – David Kilford.
    David Kilford is a game designer, programmer and artist, who (with Dale Freya) released SDL in 2018. SDL is a simple two button arcade action game, which has received global recognition featuring on Google Play and a number of features on the Apple App store across Japan, the USA, China and Australia. It has achieved 600,000 downloads to date, mainly in China and Japan
  • Supertonic – Zander Hulme.
    Supertonic provides bespoke audio for games and specialises in interactive music systems and audio direction. Supertonic assembles a team of contractors for each project, under Zander’s direction. By early 2020, Supertonic is on track to have its first credit on a console title and has goals to maintain a slate of local projects as well as beginning to work with international clients, provide work and training to its regular contractors, expand the business with full-time staff, and find ways to give back to the local game development community.
  • Mellow Games – Mel Taylor.
    Mel has successfully shipped two games and won numerous awards for her work, together with her former team at Osmotic Studios in Hamburg, Germany. Since moving to Brisbane in 2018, Mel has continued to make games that are emotionally resonant and meaningful to players, as well as dealing with societal and personal issues. The themes in the game Orwell were online privacy and data surveillance. Her new game Blueberry is about growing up and growing old while dealing with trauma and the responsibilities of parenting, especially from a female perspective.
  • Alex Butterfield
    Alex is a 17-year games industry veteran and is planning to launch his own indie studio, with a social conscience. He wants more creative control over his games and is starting with Lifeboat Earth, a game that combines the important message of hope and human agency about climate change with a commercially appealing real-time strategy game. A successful 2020 release of Lifeboat Earth will act as a springboard to creating a small Brisbane Indie studio specialising in games with a social conscience.
  • Subtle Boom – Attie McNaughton, Brendan Watts and Lee Segawa.
    Brendan and Attie first began their working relationship two years ago. Brendan’s skill in making extremely marketable, well-designed gameplay and Attie’s high-quality art and strategic stylistic development merged seamlessly. In late 2018 they decided to commit to an official studio venture and began to expand their team. While at SQ Hub they have focussed on high-quality games for the re-emerging premium market and have been developing their first project Fledgling Heroes that is set for release in late 2019. In the long term, they will continue to expand their team for a quicker development cycle and for a steadier stream of game releases.
  • Cratesmith Game Assembly – Kieran Lord.
    Kieran is a software development engineer with 12 years’ experience specialising in Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) as well as a having substantial experience in design, production and project management. His main area of specialization is in programming, with several key focus areas; AR/VR, AI, Tools development, Optimization in the Unity3d game engine, programming best practices and education. In 2016 he established Cratesmith Game Assembly which continues to work on AR/VR projects, consulting for industry, providing education to developers on best practices and developing games using AR and VR.
  • Seeding Time Pictures (STP) – Arun Ketsirat, Kym Melzer (Queensland) and Joseph Taylor (Bali).
    For six years STP developed and produced short documentary and narrative films including Dark Waters (on ABC iview) with ABC/Screen NSW. In 2018, The Boob Issue bagged the Asia Pacific Screen Awards Brisbane Short Film Fund while Cool Fashion Girls won international laurels. STP’s slate now includes long-form TV properties and feature films. With Movie Studio Bali and Jungle Run Productions they produced the TV pilot Promoter in Paradise. There is a wealth of opportunity for Queenslanders in the Austral-Asian region, particularly given the growth of streaming platforms and STP is at the forefront of this exciting development.
  • 8 Slice Media – Nikki Organ and Elly Awesome
     Nikki is based at the SQ Hub and works with Elly on the new LGBTI+ web series FAZED. The aim of the series is to highlight the importance of marketing screen content from the beginning of a project, while helping projects reach their full potential in terms of audience reach and marketability
  • Disruptor Studios – Bobbi-Lea Dionysius
     Bobbi-Lea is a producer working on social impact documentaries and activism through film.
  • Caden Pearson
     Caden is an early-career writer, director, and producer, originally from Cairns. He is working on a number of projects through his production company, Insights Media, including a half hour documentary in development with NITV. He is also developing a paranormal crime web series with Producer Dena Curtis at Inkey Media, which is based on his feature screenplay, Walter’s Ghost. In 2018, he also wrote and directed a short film called Walter’s Ghost, which was produced by Inkey Media with support from Screen Queensland and is a prequel to the series. Caden has completed two SQ attachments this year, assisting on Robbie Hood and Monster Problems. To achieve his career goals, he has temporarily relocated from Cairns to Brisbane, but sees himself very much as a Far North Queensland practitioner. Caden is a Bagarrmugu man from Cape York.

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