YouTube Entrepreneurs take Queensland content to next level

A travel series showcasing Australia for millennials, a new model for funding high-concept web series, a video creator incubator and, exciting fan-driven action shorts for gamers are the four projects to be supported through Screen Queensland’s YouTube Entrepreneurs program.

Screen Queensland CEO Tracey Vieira today announced the four Brisbane-based content creators who would share the program funding of $150,000 for their projects.

“Although each of these projects is different, they share a common goal and align with Screen Queensland’s aim to help practitioners find ways to operate sustainably in a digital space,” Ms Vieira said. The four projects are:

Wicked Gaming (Patrick Robertson) – To create a 10-part fan film series called Epic Clash Battles, where CGI characters from Supercell Games are brought to life in visually spectacular ‘cos-play’ scenarios. This series is designed to kick-start and enable the ongoing production of original content to support this fast-growing gaming community channel.

TheStoryBoxes (Sarah Mak & David Lloyd-Lewis) – To apply start-up methodologies to generate, finance and distribute new content. This five-episode series pilot, underpinned by a hybrid funding model and with a focus on impact and distribution, will reflect a collaboration between online filmmakers and commercial partners.

Changer Studios (Farhad Meher-Homji & Anthony McCormack) – To deliver a pilot online video creator incubator, drawing on support from YouTube and world-leading digital video practitioners to assist 8-10 Queensland YouTubers grow their channels.

Toy Shop Entertainment (Ruby Schmidt) – To produce a bible and two-episode pilot of an online travel series for millennial audiences, leveraging diverse, engaging social influencers as hosts, and designed to support brand partnerships.

Ms Vieira said the YouTube Entrepreneurs program attracted a high number of applications from content creators looking to expand their YouTube audience and business.

“The successful projects were assessed on the strength of their strategic plans to grow their business, along with a round of interviews,” she said.

Screen Queensland will work closely with all four projects to capture learnings that can be applied for the benefit of others seeking a commercially sustainable career in this space.

The YouTube Entrepreneurs program is the second outcome of a three-year partnership between Screen Queensland and YouTube.

YouTube Entrepreneurs

 Wicked Gaming – Patrick Robertson

Patrick Robertson is owner/founder of Wicked Gaming, an award-winning YouTube channel with more than 130,000 subscribers and almost 40m views. A skilled content creator (producer, presenter, writer, editor and social media expert), Patrick creates daily videos in the mobile gaming niche and more specifically for games created by Supercell – a Finland-based company famous for Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. Patrick previously served in the Australian Defence Force for five years before the success of his channel, launched in 2015, allowed him to pursue YouTube and filmmaking fulltime.

TheStoryBoxes – Sarah Mak & David Lloyd-Lewis. TheStoryBoxes (TSB) is a Brisbane-based digital production studio founded in 2013 by Sarah Mak and David Lloyd-Lewis. The company has built a viable and sustainable business focused on human-centered storytelling, winning industry awards for Branded Entertainment. TSB is headquartered in Brisbane but has a presence in Sydney and Canberra.

Sarah Mak has produced hundreds of hours of content for national and global brands, building stories that enable companies to communicate their identities in meaningful and effective ways. Through her leadership, TSB has established a strong and successful rapport with many of Australia’s leading commerce, technology, education, health and not-for-profit organisations. Sarah holds qualifications in International Public Health and Science.

David Lloyd-Lewis is an experienced producer/director/cinematographer who has worked extensively in the production of short documentary and corporate development/aid films. During the past four years he has gained deep knowledge of in working in remote areas of Australia and the Asia Pacific region to unpack the remarkable human stories that drive social impact.

Changer Studios – Farhad Meher-Homji & Anthony McCormack. Changer Studios is an online and transmedia production company focused on the new entertainment landscape, helping creators and brands develop projects using emerging technology, and promoted through digital media strategies.

Farhad Meher-Homji is qualified in law and business, and has been a producer and strategist in digital content production for the past 17 years, specialising in interactive and multiplatform projects. Farhad was a founder of Brightlabs, one of Australia’s most awarded digital media agencies, and his experience enables him to view and understand a project from creative, technical and commercial perspectives. In recent years he has concentrated on developing new production methodologies and strategies in the online video space, culminating in the founding of Changer Studios.

Anthony McCormack is a production specialist with expertise in digital content strategy and creation. He has a unique skill set gained from working across entertainment and advertising production, partnering with national and international advertising agencies. He has experience in merging traditional production fundamentals with new approaches and technology to create film and video content for the evolving video landscape, including: online video, multiplatform content, interactive video, high-speed robotic filming and virtual reality.

Toy Shop Entertainment – Ruby Schmidt

Ruby Schmidt is a screen practitioner and producer from Brisbane. She has worked as production and executive assistant to Veronica Fury of WildBear Entertainment and as Development Executive at Carbon Media, working across a diverse slate of projects, including League Nation Live (NITV), Sesame Street Season 47 interstitials, Cheeky Dogs and co-production The Timeshifter with Essential Media and Entertainment. Ruby is now in development on a slate of independent projects for new and traditional screens through her production company Toy Shop Entertainment. Projects include the online series Zaroville staring Ian Zaro, which is currently in formal development with Screen Queensland.