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There are a variety of feature films, documentaries, TV series and games in various stages of production in Queensland at the moment! Take a look below at what’s happening in our backyard!

Last updated: 30 August 19


UBLEP (Elvis) | Feature Film Warners Bros.



Swimming for Gold | Feature Film The Steve Jaggi Company

Ardent Roleplay | Augmented reality game Ardarcious Pty Ltd

Endless Runner X | Mobile game TBD Games Company

Deadhouse Dark | Horror TV series Deadhouse Films

Bluey – Season 2 | Animated TV series Ludo Studios

Combat Wombat | Children’s animated feature Like A Photon Creative

Lanterns | PC/console game Artefact Assembly

Unpacking | PC game Witch Beam Games

The Wishmas Tree | Animated feature Like A Photon Creative

Daisy Quokka: World’s Scariest Animal | Animated feature Like A Photon Creative

Lifeboat Earth | Mobile game Alexander Butterfield



Metro Sexual | Comedy TV series Humdrum Comedy

Black Water Abyss | Horror feature Silver Wings Films

Bloody Hell | Horror/drama feature Eclectik Vision

Black B*tch | Drama TV series Blackfella Films

Content | Comedy TV series Ludo Studios

Loveland | Romance feature Bunya Productions

The Strange Chores | Animated TV series Ludo Studios

Damsel | PC/consoled game Screwtape Studios

Two Heads Creek | Horror feature, Dicentium Films Pty Ltd

Heavens: The Boy and His Robot | Animated feature Stewart & Wall Entertainment

Never Too Late | Comedy feature FG Film Productions (Australia) Pty Ltd


The projects listed above have been funded, attracted or developed by, through or in partnership with the Queensland Government through SQ.