Lisa Aitchison

2023 Games Resident
Lisa Aitchison

Grizzly Dog Games

The Screen Queensland Games Residency is a 52-week program for early-career game developers, focused on developing the skills and knowledge required to develop new games and games studios.

Operating in the style of an Artist-In-Residence program, ten successful participants will be provided with co-working space, access to leading industry experts, business mentoring and income support.


Lisa’s professional experience lies within marketing and communication with a Master of Strategic Advertising from Queensland University of Technology, but she has long held a love for games, animation and character design. 

Project Partner

Zac Schoessow 

Residency Project

Through Screen Queensland’s Games Residency program, Lisa and Zac plan to create a tactical roguelike deckbuilder with a focus on creating satisfying gameplay and showcasing fun, quirky characters.  

Residency Goals

Lisa and Zac aim to launch their game and expand their studio. She also hopes to use her background in marketing to promote and launch third-party games through the studio as well. 

Welcome Day

Visit from Dan Vogt

Gameloft Tour

MAXART's Dale and Thomas visit