film friendly pathways

Queensland – Australia’s film friendly state

With beaches, deserts, islands, jungles and more, Queensland is Australia’s most geographically diverse state.

Queensland is an easy double for parts of California, Hawaii, Texas, Florida, Louisiana, Mexico, Vietnam, The Bahamas, the jungles of South America, rainforests of South East Asia, the European countryside – and with built-up cityscapes, you can even double downtown San Fransisco like the producers of San Andreas did in Brisbane, a 45 minute drive from the Studios.

To take advantage of these diverse landscapes, SQ facilitates the Film Friendly Pathways Program, cutting red tape and streamlining approval processes.

The Film Friendly Pathways Program works with councils to offer you key benefits including:

> a ‘one-stop shop’ council appointed liasion for filming in the region
> recent and searchable location images tagged to each region
> low or no-fee applications for filming
> adoption of standardised and streamlined permit application forms for filming
> logistical advice and assistance to productions
> access to key locations under each council’s jurisdiction

E: screenqld@screenqld.com.au
T: +61 7 3248 0500


Queensland’s film friendly councils can be found on Screen Queensland’s FREE iPhone application (app) and online Location, Crew and Facilities directory.

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