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SQ recognises the need to support creative talent and crew as they grow their careers in the screen and games industries and believes that project-based attachments that create on-the-job skills can be an integral part of career development in features, broadcast, new platforms and games.

Information for attachment applicants

Expressions of interest are sought from early-mid career practitioners across the screen sector, including film, TV, online and games.

Successful applicants are engaged for a minimum of five (5) weeks and are compensated at least $1,000 per week for their time.

Expressions of interest are strongly encouraged from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander practitioners as well as practitioners identifying as female/non-binary, LGBTQIA+, disabled, regionally based and culturally and linguistically diverse.


  • A one-time, ongoing expression of interest, which will be retained by SQ indefinitely, to be considered for all future productions where the candidate’s career pathway is a match with an available attachment role. Please let the SQ team know if there have been any updates to your CV which would affect your EOI, or if you would like to withdraw your EOI.

  • Call-outs for specific opportunities. (if any specific opportunities are available, an application will be available on this page directly below).

Attachment Opportunity: Natural History Series, Port Douglas

Posted 1 July 2020

An exciting attachment opportunity is available on an upcoming natural history series based in Port Douglas,

The attachment role will oversee data management for the production and the subsequent edit. The attachment will have an expected knowledge of ingest and transcoding processes using software including but not limited to Premiere Pro, Davinci Resolve and additional Adobe Cloud applications. During the attachment, the candidate will also be responsible for the organisation and management of the Adobe Premiere Pro project and assisting the editors during the post production process, as well as data wrangling, transcoding, organising the naming and management of bins for the Premiere Pro project and ingesting archive.

A candidate pursuing a technical career pathway would be best suited for this role. Sound knowledge of both PC and Mac platforms is essential. A passion for natural history content a bonus!

Information for Producers

Screen Production and Game Development applications must budget for early to mid-career professional attachment opportunities. Applicants should contact the SQ Content team for details of current talent seeking attachment opportunities and to ensure their attachments are targeted at filling specific roles and skills shortages.

Attachments should be engaged for a minimum of five (5) weeks and be compensated at least $1,000 per week for their time.

  • Projects applying for under $200,000 must budget for at least 1 attachment
  • Projects applying for between $200,000 up to $299,999 must budget for at least 2 attachments
  • Projects applying for $300,000 or more must budget for at least 3 attachments

SQ is committed to promoting diversity of opportunity in the screen industry as well as the diversity of screen stories. Alongside its commitment to gender equality and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander representation, Screen Queensland supports the expansion of talent and stories from all genders, cultural backgrounds and sexual orientations.

Where Screen Queensland is the principal state investor, applicants are also expected to utilise Queensland talent for attachments through Screen Australia’s ‘Inclusive Attachment Scheme.’

Contact SQ

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