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This is a rolling fund. Apply any time.

07 3248 0500 or email content@screenqld.com.au

Script and concept development for films, series and games

The Ideas Program is for Queensland=based screen practitioners with engaging ideas that have potential to excite global audiences and secure market.

The program is suited to applicants with projects in development who are seeking investment from Screen Queensland to progress their project to the next stage of development or production.

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How much can I apply for?
  • Projects seeking investment to prepare to secure market – up to $10,000
  • Projects seeking investment to prepare for production – up to $25,000. To access production-ready investment, you will need to demonstrate matched/significant contributory funding from the marketplace. This can’t be you and has to be a good match for your project.

The maximum amount of development investment a project can request over its lifetime is $100,000

Please note 110% investment is recoupable on the first day of principal photography

What the program covers

This program applies to stories from early stage through to production-ready development.

Projects can receive support more than once through this program with a maximum of $100,000 over the lifetime of the project.

Who can apply?

The Ideas Program is open to anyone who:

  • Lives and works in Queensland (and has been a resident of the state for at least six months immediately preceding the application);
  • Is an Australian resident working with someone in a key creative role (writer, director, producer) who lives and works in Queensland;
  • Can provide the required detail/documents for the program they are applying for.
  • Owns the rights to the story they are telling
  • More eligibility criteria is also detailed in the Terms of Trade.

It is important that your team of key creatives authentically represent the story and characters in your application. If your story includes content or characters from an under-represented background, e.g. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people; culturally and linguistically diverse people; people with a disability; female; non-binary; or LGBTQIA+ people, then at least one of the three key creative roles (writer, director, producer) must be held by a person who is representative of that diversity.

If this project is an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander story, some or all intellectual property must be owned by members of this community and at least two of the three key creative roles must be held by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander talent. If the producer role is not held by an Indigenous person, an early career Indigenous producer must be brought onto the project.

If you are unsure about what this means for your project, please contact Screen Queensland 07 3248 0500 or content@screenqld.com.au

Please note: If you need to update your documentation to pass eligibility, you will be given 2 business days to do so. If you cannot update your application in this time, you will automatically be withdrawn. This is so we can turn around projects quickly, within our assessment process.

Projects unsuccessful twice in a funding program are no longer eligible for further applications to that program

Preparing your application

Ideas program applications can be submitted any time and you will typically receive an outcome within approximately six weeks.

You can preview the application form on Smarty Grants.

Your proposal will need the following.

  • Logline – your idea in a sentence
  • Short pitch – your idea in one page
  • Creative materials relevant to your current stage – e.g. for early stage this must include a minimum of a bible (series) or detailed treatment (feature. Screen Queensland will not assess applications at conceptual stage.
  • Creative plan – how are you going to bring this idea to life on screen?
  • Audience plan – who is your audience and how will you reach them?
  • Commercial plan – your plan for financing and monetising your idea
  • What you plan to spend the funding on and details of any co-funding. For Later Stage projects, this will need to include matched/significant contributory funding from market (that can’t be you and has to be a good match to your project).
  • Team – the CVs and bios of the people who have agreed to be part of your project

Legalities – things you must have:

  • Rights to the story – tick the box
  • Option agreement and/or the approval of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander owners of the story
  • Writers/key creative agreement

Things to note:

  • Applicants may have more than two active submissions at any one time, with multiple applications being to the discretion of Screen Queensland
  • Projects must be delivered within three months after funding
  • Application forms must be filled out in correct sentence case
What is SQ looking for?

Your proposal will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • Is it a good story?
  • Is it well-told and likely to excite an audience?
  • Does the team have a clear idea of who their audience is and how to reach them?
  • Is the budget appropriate for the kind of project and the size of the audience it will reach?
  • Does the team have a good reputation for delivering what it says it will and the skills to make this happen?
  • How will this impact the careers of Queensland talent and the state screen sector more broadly?

We seek to support the creation and growth of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander screen content, practitioners and representation across our industry and state. Additionally, we are committed to ensuring diverse representation across all aspects of the production and development process, including differences in gender; age; Aboriginal identity; cultural and linguistic diversity; disability; sexuality and gender identities, including lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex (LGBTQI+), location (including regional and remote areas); and socio-economic status. 

IMPORTANT: Documents to read before you apply

You must read our Terms of Trade, QPE definition and our corporate and strategic plans before preparing your application.

Photo by Kaitlyn Baker on Unsplash