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The Royal Open Air Theatre, Winton

Screen Queensland is committed to building a dynamic and vibrant screen culture in Queensland and celebrating the art of filmmaking. Our purpose is to grow the screen industry and contribute to the economic and cultural well-being of Queensland.

The Screen Culture Funding Program aims to:

  • increase access to screen content in Queensland, from traditional cinematic screens to new platforms
  • provide support for regional and remote screen festivals across Queensland
  • support screen events that increase audiences’ choices
  • provide diverse content, often outside the mainstream
  • maximise Queensland content

Rounds are open twice annually to support activities occurring each financial year.  Successful applicants are provided with a funding grant to assist with the costs of running their event or project.

Applications for round 2 2019-20 are now open, closing 16 September 2019


1 – Up to $150,000 per annum is available for significant cultural festivals and events. Events

  • Applications for this category are closed. Those seeking funding under this category must apply during round 1.
2 – Up to $25,000 is available for Touring Festivals visiting over 6 regional centres.
3 – Up to $8,000 is available per application for festivals.

  • Applications not for less than $2,000 for a single project.  
4.  – Multi-Year Funding is available for festivals with Queensland attendance above 10,000:

  • Festivals that can provide evidence and track record of Queensland audience attendance above 10,000 may be eligible for funding for two (2) concurrent years.


Funding is capped for projects of cultural significance and touring film festivals.

Grants offered to successful applicants for festivals will generally be in the range from $2,000 to $8,000.  Funding is competitive and to ensure Screen Queensland can support a broad range of events, often funding allocations are less than requested amounts.

Screen Queensland determines levels of funding on a case-by-case basis and reserves the right to vary the amounts applied for by applicants. Also noting that the assessment process and the total demand on available funds will determine the level of Screen Queensland’s funding commitment within each round.


Any individual, business; and/or organisation providing benefits to Queensland screen culture.

What cultural events are eligible:

  • Screen Festivals
  • Public events that seek to engage and inform Queensland audiences about screen culture activities and promote film as a cultural experience and facilitate an understanding of the Queensland and Australian screen industry.
  • Workshops and Conferences may be eligible for funding where it engages the industry and the general public.
  • Tours and/or visitations by leading filmmakers about projects of significance to screen practitioners that foster debate, discussion and peer contact.


What cultural events are ineligible:

  • Publications or magazines about screen
  • Development or production screen content and/or workshops;
  • Marketing, i.e. P & A and film screenings
  • Professional mentorships
  • Travel to attend international film festivals for film screenings.
  • Internationally held screen culture events
  • Private events and non-related screen culture events


To be eligible, Applicants must at least:

  1. Meet the general eligible requirements set out in Screen Queensland’s Terms of Trade including, but limited to the following:
    Being an Australian incorporated entity;
    B. Having a valid ABN
  2. Demonstrate that they have the appropriate capacity, experience and track record to develop and implement their event proposal.
  3. Demonstrate that the event proposal fulfils a need and interest in the community and how it will provide new opportunities for Queensland industry and or public and evidence of community support.
  4. The business plan should demonstrate the viability of the applicant’s ability to implement and achieve the financial and event milestones, viability and ability to implement the marketing plan and contingency plans for the proposal.
  5. Demonstrate the viability and ability to implement a marketing plan and indicate if there is any media support if relevant.
  6. The Finance plan and business plan should demonstrate any third party finance, for example any sponsors and plans to develop relationships in the private sector to support the development and delivery of the event.
  7. Applicants who have any outstanding acquittal reports or who have not fulfilled their obligations from a prior screen culture program with Screen Queensland are not eligible to apply.


Screen Culture funding is offered in two annual rounds for activities occurring each financial year:

CURRENT ROUND:  For festivals and events taking place between 31 December 2019 to 30 July 2020. Applications close midnight 26 August.


Applications are made using Screen Queensland online smarty grants application systems.



Please allow for system down time or internet service provider problems when completing your application and save the application regularly.

Please note late applications cannot be accepted. Screen Queensland reserves the right to not accept incomplete applications. Application material will not be returned by Screen Queensland.

An automated application email will be sent to you within 30 minutes as confirmation that Screen Queensland has received your application. It is the applicant’s responsibility to contact Screen Queensland if you do not receive an application receipt email.


Screen Queensland will assess each application, taking into consideration:

The Business Plan

  • Clearly demonstrate how the requested funding will be used to achieve the business plan’s objectives.
  • Viability and ability to implement and achieve financial milestones.
  • Financing plans for the development and production of the event.
  • Viability and ability to implement marketing plan.

The Event Proposal

  • Regional component.
  • Demonstrate showcasing of diverse screen content that the community would not otherwise have access to.
  • Quality and viability of the proposal, does it fulfil a need and/or interest in the community.
  • Background information on the event.
  • Explanation of how the event will present new opportunities for Queensland filmmakers and the public.
  • Demonstrate how it aims to maximise Queensland and/or Australian screen content in the program.
  • Evidence of community support.
  • Clearly demonstrate the expected levels of audience attendance.

The Marketing Plan

  • Marketing plan is appropriate to the scale of the event and provides a clear strategy for attracting attendees.
  • Financing plans for the marketing.
  • Viability and ability to implement marketing plan.
  • Level of media support, if any?

The Track Record

  • Previous performance and delivery of similar events.
  • Previous career and professional development success and any awards, professional and industry recognition.
  • The network of business relationships to allow the business and event plans to be achieved.
  • Expertise and skills of the applicant and their ability to successfully realise the business plan.


  • Viability of submitted budget.
  • Demonstrated relationships with or plans to develop relationship in the private sector to support the production and sustainability of the event.
  • Evidence of third party cash and in-kind contributions including private equity.
  • Business and marketing skills.
  • The equipment and facilities available to deliver applicant’s business plan.

Applications will be assessed by two readers and possibly one external assessor, depending on the needs of the project.


Assessment Ratings:

Each of the above criterion will be graded against the following scale:

5 –  Excellent: The assessment criterion is of a high standard and the proposal is thorough and substantiated with relevant materials.

4 – Good: The application is of a moderate to high standard and has provided relevant materials to support the proposal.

3 – Acceptable: The application is consistent and acceptable – proposal is adequately supported with materials.

2 – Marginal: The application has not fully met the assessment criterion and the proposal remains unclear and unsubstantiated.

1 – Poor. The application has not met the assessment criterion and the proposal is unclear and no relevant materials are provided.


With each of the above outlined criteria weighted as follows in level of importance (including the potential impact of funding):

Event Proposal – 35

Business Plan – 15

Marketing Plan – 15

Resources – 15

Track Record – 10

Risk Mitigation – 10


Screen Queensland publishes the names of its external assessors on our website and applicants should indicate any conflicts of interest in writing, at the time of lodging the funding application.

Applications will not be assessed until all of the relevant materials have been provided. Screen Queensland aims to make funding decisions within 6 weeks of an application being lodged and will advise applicants in writing of the outcome of their application.



Accepting a Grant:

Successful applicants will be sent a letter of offer with the grant of amount available for their event and outlining the next steps.

Applicants who accept the grant offer will then be required to enter into an agreement with Screen Queensland outlining the specific deliverables required.

Reporting Requirements:

Successful funding applicants must provide detailed reporting and acquittal information on the activities undertaken which will be negotiated between the successful applicant and Screen Queensland at the time of contracting.

Payment of Grant

A specific drawdown schedule will be agreed between Screen Queensland the successful applicant. Payment of of the grant will only me made on the receipt of a valid Tax Invoice.


Please review the check-list at the end of the application form. Incomplete applications will not be assessed.

For all applications we require:

  • Event synopses
  • Event Proposal
  • CVs and bios of all key personnel
  • Business Plan
  • Marketing Plan
  • finance plan
  • Event budget
  • Letter/s of Support (if applicable)

Applicants are welcome to provide additional material where they believe it will be beneficial to the application.  Screen Queensland will inform you in writing of any missing materials and you will have ten business days to supply the missing documents, after which the application will be deemed to have been withdrawn.


Email Screen Queensland at outlining your query and giving your full name and contact details.


Rowena Billard
Screen Culture Manager
+61 7 3248 0500