Digital Games Incentive

Pictured: Go-Go Town!
Pictured: Go-Go Town!

The Screen Queensland Digital Games Incentive attracts games development projects to Queensland and encourages further growth in the local sector.

The incentive is designed to support local developers as well as international games companies looking to establish a new studio in Queensland to expand their business.

This is a rolling fund. Apply at any time. 


Who can apply?

The incentive is open to companies with an ABN paying Bona Fide Queensland (see guidelines) game developers to work on a game. The amount spent must pass a minimum threshold of AU$250,000.

How much can I get?

The incentive is 15% of eligible Queensland Game Development Expenditure (QGDE). The incentive is uncapped; however, the final amount is at the discretion of Screen Queensland and subject to the availability of funding.

The Digital Games Incentive can be used in conjunction with the Australian Government’s Digital Games Tax Offset, which offers eligible games developers with a 30% refundable tax offset for qualifying Australian development expenditure.

What is eligible spend?

Eligible spend is primarily wages and payments made to Bona Fide Queensland game developers working on the game. Refer to guidelines for a full list of eligible expenditure.

When to apply?

This is a rolling fund, so apply at any time. Eligible spend cannot include expenditure made prior to the application date.

What type of game projects can apply?

The incentive can apply to any period of game development.




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