Games Grants


Pictured: Momento by Fat Alien Cat X Nomo Studio

Screen Queensland's Games Grants facilitates the growth of the local digital games industry by supporting Queensland developers and studios.

Grants of up to $200,000 are available for projects at varying stages including prototype, early access and full release with up to $300,000 available to a project over its lifetime. 

Applications closed Sunday 21 July.


Who can apply? 

The Games Grants are open to applications from both emerging and established games developers. At least 75% of the development team must be based in Queensland unless an exemption is granted. 

How much can I get? 

Funding caps vary depending on the project production target such as prototype, vertical slice/early access and full game release. Grants of up to $200,000 are available with a total of $300,000 in grants available for any single project over its lifetime. 

What is eligible spend? 

Eligible costs include staffing costs and other costs associated with the game’s development and release; licensing costs and legal fees; costs associated with marketing the project; and engagement of a highly experienced mentor to support key project personnel with creative, technical or business elements of the project.   

What type of game projects can apply? 

Games working towards varying stages of their development including prototype, vertical slice/early access, and full game release can apply for Games Grants. 

How can I create a strong application? 

You can give your application the best chance of being competitive by:  

  • strongly meeting the eligibility and assessment criteria  
  • discussing your applications with a member of the Screen Queensland team prior to submission 
  • employing Queensland practitioners in as many roles as possible  
  • spending the majority of your budget in Queensland 
  • demonstrating that the project is a Queensland-owned IP
  • ensuring that your budget, marketing and finance plan are suited to your distribution platform/s 
  • pairing experienced developers with junior talent on the project and 
  • presenting a strong strategy to source additional financing for the project, such as publisher deals or platform funding programs. 



Screen Queensland Games team


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