Explore Queensland Locations

Explore Queensland Locations

Beautiful and diverse locations in Queensland

Are you scouting for your next filming location? Create your world in Queensland - from pristine beaches and tropical rainforests, to rolling hills, arid landscapes and gritty urban cities, the sunshine state offers an incredible diversity of locations, alongside competitive incentives, first-class studios and facilities, and highly experienced crews.

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It really is world-class on every level of where you would want to make a film. With a facility like it has, the availability of equipment, the crew base... the talent and the crew base and the weather, which has been amazing. Can't be a better place to make a film than here.  

~ Rob Cowan
Producer, Aquaman - Warner Brothers

Filmed on the Gold Coast and North Stradbroke Island

We spent a tonne of time at North Straddie (Stradbroke Island), which is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. Just the beauty of what we shot there I think is spectacular… We really just felt like this was the right visual spot for us and then knowing the level of crew and the quality of the crew that we could get here it just sealed the deal.

~ Amy B Harris
Executive Producer, The Wilds (Season 2) - Amazon Original

Filmed on the Gold Coast

It feels very at home for me. In California, you can have a lot of different locations in one place, and I feel like Queensland in particular is just like that. I love the crews here. I feel safe here. I think for doing a movie here, for me, in a pandemic, I couldn’t be in a better place. Even if I wasn’t in a pandemic, I’d be very fortunate to be here.

~ Tommy Harper
Producer, Escape from Spiderhead - Netflix

Filmed on the Gold Coast, Whitsundays and Scenic Rim

Beaches and Coastline

Pristine beaches, coastal towns and secluded covers

Cities and Towns

Sprawling cityscapes, gritty laneways, bridges and historical monuments

Desert and Arid Landscapes

Barren space, desert landscapes and dry environments

Rivers and Lakes

Flowing riverways, natural streams, wide lakes and creeks

Heritage Buildings

Historic architecure, celebrated monuments and structures


Lush, green valleys, semi-rural spaces and open-air locations

Forests and Wilderness

Tropical havens, blossoming wilderness and deep forest