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Winton, Outback Queensland

SQ actively supports the development of the screen industry, practitioners, productions and culture throughout the entire state.

Regionally Based Practitioners

Our investment and support programs are open to all eligible Queenslanders and regional practitioners are encouraged to apply.

Specific initiatives for those based regionally run throughout the year. Keep an eye on our Initiatives page for more information.

The Screen Culture Program

SQ is committed to building a vibrant screen culture in Queensland and celebrate the art of filmmaking. Our purpose is to grow the screen industry and contribute to the economic and cultural well-being of Queensland. Our screen culture funding plays an integral role in helping make this happen.

The Screen Culture Funding Program aims to:

  • increase access to screen content in Queensland, from traditional cinematic screens to new platforms
  • provide support for regional and remote screen festivals across Queensland
  • support screen events that increase audiences’ choices
  • provide diverse content, often outside the mainstream
  • maximise Queensland content.

Rounds are open twice annually to support activities occurring each financial year. Successful applicants are provided with a funding grant to assist with the costs of running their event or project.

The Film Friendly Pathways Program

The Film-Friendly Pathways Program is run by SQ’s attraction and locations team. Put simply the program is us helping regions in Queensland to capitalise of the economic impact of the screen industry by helping them to promote their locations, work with filmmakers and generally look after production teams.

Film-friendly councils must:

  • provide a ‘one-stop shop’ council appointed liaison for filming in the region,
  • provide and continue to provide recent and searchable location images tagged to each region in the SQ location gallery,
  • offer low or no-fee permit applications for filming,
  • adopt standardised and streamlined permit application forms for filming,
  • provide logistical advice and assistance to productions
  • provide SQ and productions access to key locations under each council’s jurisdiction.

To learn more about becoming a film-friendly council please contact SQ:

E: locations@screenqld.com.au
T: +61 7 3248 0500

Far North Queensland

SQ is passionate about building a diverse and strong screen industry in Far North Queensland (FNQ) and as part of our commitment to the Advance Queensland FNQ Screen Production Strategic Plan we are on the ground in Cairns monthly.

If you’re a practitioner in this region and you’d like to meet with us about your upcoming projects or you have questions about SQ please fill out the form below and one of our team will contact you shortly.

Catch us in FNQ (contact form)

FNQ Screen Production Strategic Plan

A direct action of the Advance Queensland Screen Industry 10-Year Roadmap and Action Plan, the Advance Queensland FNQ Screen Production Strategic Plan is a three-year plan to grow a stronger screen industry in FNQ.

Its vision is to:
Grow Far North Queensland’s diverse screen ecosystem and cultivate the local industry to develop content for audiences from the unique perspective of the region and deliver a range of production across all platforms to create jobs and generate economic impact in the region.

Regional Incentive

The Regional Incentive attracts production to regional Queensland. The program is aimed at increasing the level of production, industry skill level and employment as well as screen industry activity in regional Queensland.

Anyone shooting a screen story in a regional Queensland location for a minimum of 5 days is able to apply for the incentive which can be up to 10% of the auditable Queensland Regional Expenditure (QRE).