2024 Games Resident
Lil Elephant Studios

Project partners: Emily Wilkinson and Lil Elephant Studios.

Screen Queensland’s Games Residency is a year-long program for early-career game developers, focused on developing the skills and knowledge required to develop new games and games studios.

The first of its kind in Australia, the residency program is run in partnership with Workforce Australia Self-Employment Assistance provider Birdifi Bridge, with participants provided with co-working space, access to leading industry experts, business mentoring and income support.

About Anya

Anya has a Bachelors in Game Design, and a Diploma in Animation. Since graduating, she has been creating Ribbet for Lil Elephant Studios, further honing her interpersonal and industry-related skills. Her focus in game creation is in the art side. She wants to help bring unique aesthetics into digital spaces.

Primary skillset: art

Residency Goals

Throughout my residency time my main goal is self-improvement, I want to learn new ways in which art contributes to games like UI design, and improve my current skill set to create better looking assets faster. Being in such a nurturing environment where I get access to mentorship and collaboration, I believe my skills will soar throughout the year and reach levels I couldn’t imagine they’d reach while I was studying. I would also like to kick off my career by the end of the residency. I know that will take a lot of hard work and dedication but I am prepared to work for it.

Residency Project

Ribbet is a fast-paced platformer starring a goofy little frog with a knack for parkour. Set in a playful world filled with whimsy and charm, players embody Ribbet as he traverses through the dangerous (to a frog) kitchens, bakeries, and streets of a small village in France. Each level presents new challenges, from swinging between hanging pots to bouncing over a boiling pot of soup. The aim of the game is to defeat Jac, the frog-obsessed French chef, and escape back to Ribbet’s pond.

Aimed for Early Access release late 2024.

Screen Queensland Games Residency