2024 Games Resident

Screen Queensland’s Games Residency is a year-long program for early-career game developers, focused on developing the skills and knowledge required to develop new games and games studios.

The first of its kind in Australia, the residency program is run in partnership with Workforce Australia Self-Employment Assistance provider Birdifi Bridge, with participants provided with co-working space, access to leading industry experts, business mentoring and income support.

About Jesse

Jesse is a games designer with a passion for programming and 3D design. His goal is to create immersive digital experiences that captivate players. With expertise in technical and creative game development, he strives to bridge the gap between innovation and player engagement.

Primary skillset: programming, design

Residency Goals

I would like to get MythFold to a released state and, depending on the success, continue working on it and adding more content in the form of updates and DLC.

I would also like to help other residents create cool things together and lifelong friendships. By the end of the residency, I would like to be in a position where I can continue my journey and become a successful indie developer.

Residency Project

I am making a game called MythFold, a dynamic fantasy RPG where every step you take and every decision you make shapes your journey and the entire world around you. The NPCs in towns and cities won’t just be static quest-givers; they’ll have their own lives and goals, and their interactions with you will reflect that.

Players will be able to immerse themselves in the developing world around them while forging their path by taking quests and tasks offered by NPC’s. Other players can join the adventures guild and climb the ranks as they navigate through whatever challenge is thrown at them.

The combat in the game will be bullet hell-like with other elements to create much more varied and exciting fights. At the game’s core, it is about growth and adaptation compared to the typical RPG.

I am working towards getting MythFold to a vertical slice stage.

Screen Queensland Games Residency