Fat Alien Cat

The Screen Queensland Games Residency is a 52-week program for early-career game developers, focused on developing the skills and knowledge required to develop new games and games studios.

Operating in the style of an Artist-In-Residence program, ten successful participants will be provided with co-working space, access to leading industry experts, business mentoring and income support.


Jessica has worked in animation around Australia before starting Fat Alien Cat with Julien. She has a Master of Animation and Visualisation from the University of Technology Sydney and has worked at a compositor at Flying Bark Productions. 

Project Partners

Julian Beiboer and Jasmine Phillips

Residency Project

Through her time in Screen Queensland’s Games Residency program, Jessica has been working with Julian on creating their studio’s second release, Momento. The game is a cozy room decorator with a twist that explores how we imbue everyday objects with meaning and the effect they have on our life decisions. 

Residency Goals

Jessica aims to meet and work with other indie game artist during her time as a resident and collaborate with them on new and exciting projects. For Momento, she hopes to have the game ready to apply for funding and publishing. 

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