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Stowe Story Labs: Online lab and retreat

Applications open soon. Register below to be notified by Screen Queensland when applications open.

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Stowe Story Labs is a U.S-based non-profit founded in 2013, offering a range of advanced development programs for top emerging screenwriters and filmmakers from around the world.

Screen Queensland is proud to partner with Stowe to offer supported placements for six Queensland individuals/teams to attend two initiatives, aimed to help participants to develop work, hone craft and skill and prepare to get work made on screen.

Three Queensland-based individuals/teams will be selected per program. A team must be a maximum of two practitioners, composed of a writer with either another writer, director or producer.

Applications and guidelines open soon. Register now to be notified by Screen Queensland when applications open.

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PLEASE NOTE: Full program schedules are yet to be announced, as is the list of expert industry mentors. A partial list of mentors can be found on the Stowe Story Labs website.

August Sidewalk Narrative Lab

Online, 25-28 August, 2021

Stowe’s 4-day intensive Narrative Story Lab is the cornerstone of Stowe Story Labs’ programming. It brings selected participants together with top industry mentors to workshop, collaborate, network, skill share, and demystify the international film and television industry.

This four-day intensive programs feature:

  • Skill development and focus on story structure, character and theme; conversation about story; packaging; elements of creative production; casting; adaptation; and finance and distribution
  • Direct access to working industry professionals, top in their fields
  • Opportunities to build knowledge, skills and insights to navigate the film industry
  • A network of talented peers, vital in this collaborative art and business
  • workshop, roundtable and social time
  • A beautiful setting to develop your craft

Remote Fall Writers’ Retreat

Online, October date TBA

Stowe’s Writers’ Retreats provide small groups of writers workshop content, structured social and recreation time, and the focus of the program is on three one-on-one script notes meetings with three different industry mentors top in the field.

This online retreat includes:

  • Three one-on-one, one-hour meetings with three different industry mentors to discuss your script, approach to project or career pathway
  • Daily structured one hour, small group, peer-to-peer meetings
  • Group workshop sessions on subjects vital to developing the craft and navigating the business of screenwriting
  • Time to reflect and write