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Channel Lab: Short Cuts

May 2, 2024
Image by Oleg Brovchenko on Unsplash.

Applications closed Monday 17 June.

Screen Queensland presents Channel Lab: Short Cuts, a new initiative to support up to 10 teams with $10,000 each to create innovative screen stories.

Selected Queensland creatives will have the opportunity to develop a series of exciting, fresh and bold vertical format series for release on Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts or TikTok.

Over the five-month program, which runs from July to November 2024, participants will receive guidance from industry professionals through online workshops and develop a minimum of three videos from concept through to release.

Emerging practitioners and diverse voices who are developing their filmmaking practice in the online space are encouraged to apply.


How do I know if I’m eligible?  

Please refer to the guidelines on our website, eligibility requirements listed in our application form and ensure you’ve read through the Screen Queensland Terms of Trade.  

Can my project be released on all three platforms? 

No. Please determine a singular platform for the release of your project unless a clear understanding and strategy for each platform chosen can be demonstrated.  

Can I apply as an individual? 

Yes. Individuals are welcome to apply, however please note that applications from teams will be more competitive.  

How much funding will I receive as part of this initiative? 

Each successful team will receive $10,000 from Screen Queensland for their project.  

Can I produce more than three shorts? 

Yes. Three episodes is the minimum and episodes need to be between one and two minutes. 

Can I produce a documentary?  

Yes. Screen Queensland will accept projects with either scripted or unscripted content. Please note however, that lifestyle content and other light entertainment such as how to and beauty will not be accepted.  

I have not produced online content before. Can I still apply? 

Yes. You may still apply to this initiative given that someone on your team has prior experience in producing content within the online space.  

Can I apply if I am currently studying?

This program is not available to full time students.

When can I start production? 

Please note that production of your projects cannot begin before the production workshop held in mid-August 2024.

  • Individual participants must be Bona Fide Queenslanders. 
  • Teams must be 75% Bona Fide Queenslanders. 
  • Individuals must be an Australian citizen or Permanent Resident, aged 18 or over. 
  • Projects must not include lifestyle content (e.g. how to, beauty etc.). 
  • Applicants must have experience creating for online platforms. 
  • Applicants must meet Screen Queensland’s general eligibility requirements as set out in its Terms of Trade.
  • Recipients must produce a minimum of three videos of one to two minutes in length with the grant.

The program is open to any Queensland based practitioner working in the online space. However, at least one member of a production team must have an existing online presence or experience producing for online platforms. The program encourages people of diverse backgrounds whose voices are rarely heard in mainstream media to apply, in keeping with Screen Queensland’s commitment to diversity. 


Apply through our SmartyGrants platform here. Applications need to include the following:

  • a pitch video between 90 seconds and 2 minutes in length which includes:
    • information on the series format such as how many episodes and the length of each episode
    • genre, characters, story arc and a brief summary plot
    • themes and tone of the project
    • the project’s point of difference (what is unique about this story?)
  • a brief profile of the social media account you plan to post to—this can be for a current account or include your plans for a future account and whatever current experience and insights of the platform you have
  • a pitch document (up to three-pages in length) that includes:
    • a brief outline of the episodes
    • a synopsis and description of the project including a cultural strategy where relevant
    • an overview of the target audience for the project including demographics that demonstrates an understanding of your target demographic’s viewing habits
    • the marketing and social media strategy for the project including how to expand your reach beyond current subscribers
    • how you will be able to develop your career and up-skill through the program
  • a projected budget document (in .xls format) including top line budget items such as:
    • producer fees
    • director fees
    • writer fees
    • cast fees
    • location costs
    • post production costs
    • marketing costs

Please note that successful applicates may be required to provide a more detailed budget in due course.


For further information, please contact:

Screen Queensland Content team

07 3248 0500