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Local to Global Director Program

March 16, 2022

Applications close 14 April, 2022 (12am AEST).

Screen Queensland has partnered with the Australian Directors Guild (ADG) to present the Local to Global Director initiative, a skills development program designed for emerging, early-career and mid-career directors based in Queensland.

The program involves two phases: Pool Phase and Candidate Phase.

The Pool Phase is an industry development opportunity comprising of nine online webinars, led by industry mentors. The online webinars focus on platform, craft and best business practices for directors. Progression to the Candidate Phase will provide 10 participants with mentoring sessions and a dedicated Career Plan to support their transition through the industry.


DATES: 5 May 2022 – 13 December 2022

The Pool Phase is an industry development opportunity comprising of nine online webinars, led by industry mentors. The online webinars will focus on platform, craft and best business practices for directors.

  • Directing for Online TV Formats (12 May 2022) – Centring around the evolving sector of online formats, and the subsequent expansion of the director skillset. This webinar will discuss case studies, delivered by both established and emerging directors – those who’ve transitioned into online from TVCs, those who’ve discovered a new market for their drama directing, and those whose first directing gigs were in the online space (directing comedy, teasers, branded content, social reels).
  • Directing for TV Series/Serials (9 June 2022) – The holy grail of directing in 2022, this sector is the success story of the pandemic. Many Australian directors were finding their feet in overseas TV directing and now, thanks to their success, opportunities are opening up for emerging and mid-career directors domestically – on local and foreign-backed productions. This webinar will cover typical production scheduling for series vs serials, examine the roles of the Block Director & Showrunner in Australia vs overseas, and hear the success stories of our talented ADG members.
  • Directing for Film (1 July 2022) – With new markets opening up, and new players and delivery services entering the market, this webinar will investigate how the traditional role of the Film Director is changing. We’ll discuss the core skills that a director must possess regardless of production format or genre, and the creative benefits to be gained under new budget models and expanded production scope.


  • Career Planning for Directors – Establishing your directing career, for emerging and early career practitioners.
  • The Craft of Directing – An intensive drama workshop led by two established ADG directors.
  • The Business of Directing – Examining director agreements, director rights, super and insurances.
  • The Relationships of Directing – Examining the relationship between directors and HODs, writers, editors and actors.
  • How Attachments Work – Exploring the impact of Director’s Attachment and Shadow Directing placements on your career. Plus, hear from ADG Attachment Alumni.
  • Funding and Offsets – Exploring funding and offsets that directors need to know.

The broad-scale group mentoring webinars are suitable for early-career and mid-career directors, as well as a small cohort of emerging directors.

40 practitioners will be selected for the Pool Phase.


DATES: 23 May 2022 – 1 February 2023

The Candidate Phase provides bespoke career guidance for 10 participants (identified as Early-Career or Mid-Career Directors) within the Pool Phase.

Practitioners will work with mentors to develop a dedicated Career Plan to help support their career transition and provide tangible pathways to achieve their directing goals.

Successful candidates will receive the below:

  • Individual Mentor – An individual mentor from ADG will be matched to candidates and provide three mentoring sessions.  
  • Tailored Career Plan – A bespoke career plan devised in consultation with the candidate, ADG representative and individual mentor.
  • Genre Craft Workshop – A workshop delivered to all candidates, with a focus on popular streaming genres.
  • Showcase – At the culmination of the program, each candidate will have the opportunity to showcase their work to Australian and US agents and/or studios via ADG and affiliates.

The Candidate Phase will also involve an Attachment opportunity for three practitioners. One Director’s Attachment and two Shadow Directing Placements are available.

10 practitioners will be selected for the Candidate Phase.


This opportunity is suited to emerging, early career and mid-career directors, based in Queensland.

How does Screen Queensland and ADG define emerging, early career and mid-career?

Any persons demonstrating some screen industry knowledge, training, experience or interest, who have aspirations to direct.

Directors who may have two or three directing credits (in feature, shorts, online, brand, or music) and are looking to gain further knowledge about directing for a particular genre, platform or audience, and professional guidance.

Directors who are currently working in the industry and are looking for further industry training and/or hoping to move into a different area of directing.


To apply, please complete the application form by 14 April 2022 (midnight AEST). The following must be included in your application:

  • Your current CV/resumé (feel free to include industry references to support your application);
  • A one-page written statement which outlines your achievements to-date (primarily as a director) and your career plan/aspirations for the next 3-5 years; and
  • Online links (with passwords) to no more than three (3) pieces of work you have directed;
    • If you have not directed any work, please provide evidence of work in other roles within the screen sector or related industry and/or proof of education or interest in the sector.

Please note the following prior to submitting an application.

  • Applicants must be an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident.
  • Applications must have resided in Queensland for a minimum 6 months. 
  • Applicants DO NOT need to be a current ADG member to apply or participate in the program.

Applicants are requested to provide, at their discretion, the following information within their application form:

  1. Proof of residence (at least 6 months) upon selection for the program;
  2. Identification if you are First Nations, CALD, LGBTQIA+, a person living with disability, regionally/remotely based;
  3. Identification of age bracket and gender identity; and
  4. Accessibility or special requirements (e.g. Auslan interpreter) which the ADG may assist with if needed, in order for you to participate in this or future programs.

Screen Queensland and the ADG reserve the right to request further documentation & information if required to make final selections.  



Up to 40 Queensland-based applicants will be selected for the Pool Phase. This will be a selection of emerging, early-career and mid-career practitioners.


Up to 10 Queensland-based applicants will be selected for the Candidate Phase, from the existing participants in the Pool Phase.

Up to 3 Queensland-based practitioners from this phase will also be selected to participate in a Director’s Attachment or Shadow Directing opportunity. Places will be selected based on their experience and suitability for each role in a formalised process.

Screen Queensland and ADG may request an interview prior to selecting candidates on the shortlist, at their discretion.