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Writers Write

January 11, 2024

Applications closed Monday 5 February.

Writers Write is a year-round writers group facilitated by Screen Queensland.

Participants meet one day each month at the Teneriffe head office to focus on their screenwriting projects.

Joining Writers Write enables writers to carve out time and space in a supportive and distraction free environment for dedicated and focused writing. The program also provides opportunities for ad hoc professional development support from the Screen Queensland Content team and to hear from occasional guest speakers. 

Writers will focus on their own screenwriting projects through the course of each writing day, sharing their progress and staying accountable to each other as they commit to their writing goals.

Writers Write is a free program and places are strictly limited. Screen Queensland encourages writers from all backgrounds to apply and online access is available for participants from regional areas.



As spaces are limited, admittance to Writers Write will be via a brief application. It is expected that writers be available for the majority of writing days over the course of a calendar year (one day per month). Depending on demand, further writing groups may be opened in the future. 

Active participants of the 2023 Writers Write cohort are encouraged to apply again for the 2024 program.

Screen Queensland encourages applications from writers who reflect the diversity of our state—and will give consideration in the selection process to ensure, where possible, that the group represents Screen Queensland’s commitment to supporting creatives who are under-represented by gender, culture and language, race, sexuality, disability, and/or low socio-economic status.  

Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander writers are encouraged to apply.  

Regional writers are also encouraged to apply and will be able to participate online, with scheduled group participation and ‘check in’ sessions conducted by video conference. Online spaces are limited and applicants must be bona fide regional residents who are unable to attend in-person. 


Applicants must submit a CV, a statement expressing their interest in joining the group, and a writing sample (minimum 20 pages). Participants may be of any experience level, but must demonstrate talent and a commitment to the process of simply sitting down and writing.  


Regular monthly writing days will commence from February 2024. These will occur on Fridays with each writing day commencing at 9am and finishing at 5pm, with breaks.  


Is the idea that we all work on the same project? 

No, each writer works on their own projects. The aim is to encourage each other in the process of writing, rather than spending the time brainstorming and plotting together. Apart from sharing your goals for the day – for example, to write ten script pages, to outline an episode or perfect a one-page synopsis – you’ll be working independently. 

Do I have to be at a certain level to participate?   

Screenwriters of a wide range of experience are encouraged to apply. Whether you’re just starting out, or have been writing for years, the main thing is that you demonstrate both talent and commitment to your craft – which means simply sitting and writing for hours at a time.  

What should I expect?

You can expect a lot of silence, keyboard-tapping and pen-scratching. Speeches and talking will be kept to a minimum, even when guest speakers attend. Each day will primarily involve the participants sitting in a room together and writing whatever it is that each individual wants to write. Content Director and fellow screenwriter Phil Enchelmaier will be available throughout each day for sidebar chats. 

What are the advantages of in-office participation, rather than working at home? 

We encourage all members of the Writers Write cohort to work independently in the space. However, the collective offers the benefit of working alongside supportive fellow writers to encourage each other to keep going and stay accountable in achieving their writing goals.  It’s also a great way to connect with the Screen Queensland team.  

Other benefits will include occasional guest speakers and opportunities to interact with industry over the course of the year.