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Our Screen Finance Program is for screen stories seeking finance so they may head into production.

Applications for films/series of $100,000 or less (as production grants) can be submitted anytime. Submissions for projects seeking more than $100,000 (as production investments) must coincide with board dates, listed HERE.

What can the program cover?

This program provides finance towards in the production of screen stories across all screen platforms – films and series.

The rights-holding producer must apply to this program and all projects must have a Queensland producer or line producer attached.

How much can I apply for?
  • Up to $850,000 for other screen stories, in the context of
    • Size of the audience
    • Overall budget
    • Spend in Queensland (as a guide your ask should be no more than 10% of state spend for a commercial project)
    • Other financing partners and their commitment

Note: Applications of $100,000 or less are given as a non-recoupable grant.  Applications greater than $100,000 are provided as an equity investment that is 100% recoupable with Screen Queensland requiring a 1% share of copyright.

Who can apply?

The Finance program is open to anyone who:

  • Can provide the required detail/documents for the program they are applying for – more information can be found on each of the program pages
  • Owns the rights to the story they are telling
  • Has read and complies with our Terms of Trade

Anyone applying for Finance (Film/Series) must also:

  • Be an Australian resident working with someone in a key creative role (Writer, Director, Producer) who lives and works in Queensland
  • Have a Producer or Line Producer who is a Queensland resident

It is important that your team of key creatives authentically represent the story and characters in your application. If your story includes content or characters from an under-represented background, e.g. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people; culturally and linguistically diverse people; people with a disability; female; non-binary; or LGBTQIA+ people, then at least one of the three key creative roles (writer, director, producer) must be held by a person who is representative of that diversity.

If this project is an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander story, some or all intellectual property must be owned by members of this community and at least two of the three key creative roles must be held by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander talent. If the producer role is not held by an Indigenous person then an early career Indigenous producer attachment must be brought onto the project.

If you are unsure about what this means for your project, please contact Screen Queensland 07 3248 0500 or content@screenqld.com.au

Please note: Projects unsuccessful twice in a funding program are no longer eligible for further applications to that program

How do I prepare my application?

Finance program applications for film or series for under $100k can be submitted at any time. Applications for film or series for more than $100k need to be submitted in line with SQ’s board cut off dates.

Film/series application checklist

Your proposal will need to include:

  • Creative materials including logline, one-pager, scripts
  • Project plan (incl. proposed schedule/timeline, director’s vision, benefits to Queensland)
  • Audience plan (incl. competition)
  • Confirmation of all market, cast and key attachments
  • Finance plan, commercial plan and recoupment structure
  • A-Z Budget including a column for Queensland Production Expenditure (QPE). Use the template available at the Screen Australia document library. (A locked PDF will not be accepted)
  • Team – CVs and bios of the key creatives involved in your project, director showreel

Legalities – things you must have:

  • Rights to the story – tick the box
  • Option agreement and/or the approval of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander owners of the story
  • Writers/key creative agreement
  • Supporting documents for the finance plan incl. Provisional certificate for projects applying for the Producer Offset, completion guarantee etc
What is Screen Queensland looking for?

Your proposal will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • Is it a good story?
  • Is it well-told and likely to excite an audience?
  • Does the team have a clear idea of who their audience is and how to reach them?
  • Is the budget appropriate for the kind of project and the size of the audience it will reach?
  • Does the team have a good reputation for delivering what it says it will and the skills to make this happen?
  • How will this impact the careers of Queensland talent and the state screen sector more broadly?

Who can I contact from Screen Queensland?

Screen Queensland are keen to help you submit the best application you possibly can, so please feel free to call or email us should be need assistance.

Call us on 07 3248 0500 or email content@screenqld.com.au

Important: Documents to read before you apply

You must read our Terms of Trade, QPE definition and our corporate and strategic plans before preparing your application.

SQ Terms of Trade

SQ QPE Definition

SQ Strategic Plan 2019-2022

Screen Diversity and Inclusion Network CharterSQ Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Strategy 2019-2022

As a member of the Screen Diversity and Inclusion Network (SDIN), Screen Queensland uses The Everyone Project to benchmark and track the diversity of the Australian screen industry. 

The Everyone Project is an easy-to-use survey and reporting tool that invites people working on current projects to self-identify on a set of characteristics to help us benchmark and track the impact of work to diversify the talent and crews working in the screen industry.

Productions supported through Screen Queensland must register with The Everyone Project and, with appropriate consent, provide their cast and crew’s names, roles and contact details so that they may be invited to participate in voluntary, de-identified demographic surveys. 

Learn more about The Everyone Project.