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Village Roadshow Studios

The Gold Coast  is known as the hub for filmmaking in Queensland, Australia and is a film friendly city.

The Gold Coast has a number of unique selling points that are attractive to producers and international studios.   The city has some of the most diverse locations in Australia, all within 30 minutes of the Studios.

Village Roadshow Studios is based at Oxenford on the Gold Coast, close to two  international airports and a large range of facilities in the region.

The Gold Coast is renowned for its experienced crew that are based here; 80 per cent of Queensland crew live and work in the Gold Coast region.

The City of Gold Coast offers financial incentives to producers to film in the city and actively engages with the international market, as well as supporting the industry by reducing red tape when applying for such things as permits and ongoing support throughout production.

The Village Roadshow Studios

Village Roadshow Studios offers world-class film production facilities, nine sound stages and  three water tanks, including the largest purpose-built film water tank in Australia, ten production offices, editing suites, wardrobe, makeup, construction workshops, paint and carpentry shops.

The Studios are a 45 minute drive south of the Brisbane International Airport and a 30 minute drive from the Gold Coast’s international airport.

All sound stages are equipped with current industry standard facilities including air conditioning, extraction fans, steel grids and catwalks. The stages vary in size in an overall floor area of 10,844 M2 (116, 727 sq ft).

Details of the tanks are:

Main Tank
131.35ft x 98.42ft x 6.56ft lower section, 16.40ft upper section. This tank can be used for underwater and surface filming.

Stage 5
78ft x 62ft x 8ft (or 6ft if the production uses the weir wall to create an artificial horizon). This tank is designed for surface work or underwater work, with dump tanks and wave makers for storm sequences.

Round Tank
59ft dia x 14.76ft deep. This tank is used for underwater filming and is connected to the tank in Stage 5. The water can be transferred from the Stage 5 tank to the round tank if different sets need to be installed.
For information about Village Roadshow Studios visit:
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Village Roadshow Studios
Entertainment Road
Oxenford QLD 4210
Tel: +61 7 5585 9666

City of Gold Coast Film Assistance Program

The City of Gold Coast supports the film industry and has an established Film Assistance Program to attract and support production companies looking to film in the city. This is unique for local government in Australia and is independent from the filming incentives provided through Screen Australia and Screen Queensland.

Film Assistance Program Eligibility
> The approximate value of the production (minimum AU$1.5 million spend on the Gold Coast).
> Duration of the production and approximate percentage conducted on the Gold Coast.
> Approximate number of jobs and economic impact created on the Gold Coast during these periods.
> Applications must be made prior to confirming a Gold Coast shoot.

Value of production undertaken on the Gold Coast (AU$) Assistance cap (AU$)
$1.5 – 3 million – $30,000
$3 – 5 million – $40,000
$5 – 10 million – $50,000
$10 – 15 million – $60,000
$15 – 25 million – $80,000
Over $25 million – $100,000

For further information about the City of Gold Coast’s financial incentives visit:

Phone: +61 7 5581 7547
Fax: +61 7 5581 7838