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Ensuring your CV is ready for the next Qld production with Essential Crew

With feature film productions like Pirates of the Caribbean starting their pre-production in Queensland, it is absolutely vital for all crew hoping to secure work on such a production to have an updated and industry formatted CV.

“One of the benefits of listing with Essential Crew is that we offer advice on how our crew should format their CV’s specifically for the Film and Television Industry”, says booking agent Tracey Walker.

Producers and production companies frequently request CV’s when making decisions on hiring freelance crew members, making it extremely important for crew to keep their CV’s as up to date as possible.

“By adding your most recent credits to your CV, you are ensuring that you are always giving yourself the best possible chance to secure future work”, explains Essential Crew director Laura Clelland. “It will not only show the experience you have, but also shows the range and quantity of the productions and production teams you have been working with”.

It is even more relevant for emerging crew at the beginning of their careers and who are looking to gain more credits. The Essential Crew Training courses have been designed to provide new crew with this crucial information.

A Guide to Successful Freelancing for Film and Television – from CV to Set course is scheduled for late November/early December. This workshop addresses vital information for crew taking on a freelance or part time full time career in the industry and the key areas where crew should focus their attention when taking on a freelance or part time/full time career in the industry.

This course will provide crew with the practical knowledge required for working on a professional film set or production office. Preparing them for the challenge of earning income as a professional crew member, this course will give a valuable insight into formatting and presenting a CV specifically targeted for the Film & Television industry.

Some of the other topics include: discussion of freelance requirements, information on how best to approach obtaining credits/increasing experience and top tips for on-set work.

The course will be presented by working crew members giving firsthand experience of the screen industry. Not only will this real world knowledge prepare emerging crew for their future careers but will ensure they are armed with the tools necessary to achieve a long and sustainable career in the industry.

Screen Queensland is proud to facilitate a discount for the first five people to book using the discount code of SQ in the booking section of the Essential Crew Training website: www.essentialcrewtraining.com.au

For more course information & to book one of these fantastic courses please visit the website or email: courses@essentialcrewtraining.com.au

To find out more about Essential Crew visit – www.essentialcrew.com.au and follow them on Twitter (@essentialcrew) and Facebook.