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Great Barrier Reef makes a splash on the big screen

A new giant-screen film about the Great Barrier Reef will be seen on cinemas across the world with support from Screen Queensland, announced CEO Tracey Vieira.

Great Barrier Reef 3D will be an unforgettable underwater adventure to be filmed in Cairns with Screen Queensland investment,” Ms Vieira said.

“The documentary will showcase the beauty of the reef, along with the challenges the reef faces as a living entity that serves as home to inhabitants of the ocean world.”

Great Barrier Reef 3D will also highlight many of the Queenslander ‘reef warriors’ whose daily lives connect to the reef,” she said.

Underwater filming will be led by Cairns-based underwater director and cinematographer Richard Fitzpatrick, and produced by December Media in association with Cairns-based underwater specialists, Biopixel.

Great Barrier Reef 3D will deliver valuable opportunities for Cairns locals and businesses, engaging crew and providing training in the technical demands of filming for the giant screen,” Ms Vieira said.

“It will also invest in local businesses for dive equipment, animal harvesting, boat hire, accommodation, catering and support.”

Ms Vieira said the documentary had the potential to reach a global audience through the worldwide giant screen network.

Great Barrier Reef 3D will have universal appeal for giant screen cinemas which are often located in museums, theme parks and tourism attractions,” she said.

“This is an exciting opportunity for international audiences to have an unprecedented close-up look at the breathtaking living wonder and fragile beauty of the Great Barrier Reef.”

The film’s director Stephen Amezdroz of December Film says, “The film shows how the impact of the international Citizen Science movement, where the public works collaboratively with professional scientists, is changing the way we view and better understand one of nature’s greatest natural environments.”

Principal photography commences this month.