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IP Awareness Foundation releases their latest anti-piracy campaign – ‘Play Your Part’

The IP Awareness Foundation produces anti-piracy campaigns to raise awareness and further educate Australian consumers about the value of screen content and the impact of online content theft. Their latest campaign –‘Play Your Part’ – was shot on the set of the upcoming feature film unINDIAN.

IP Awareness Executive Director Lori Flekser, explains the background for the new 30-second spot.

“47,000 Australians depend on the film and television industries for their livelihoods. The IP Awareness Foundation’s 2014 research shows 29% of all Australian adults (aged 18-64) pirate – an increase from 25% in 2013. Amongst Australians 18-24 years old, 54% pirate – a disturbing trend showing an increasing disregard for the value of content. It is encouraging, though, that the 2014 research shows that 60% of Australian adults have never pirated films and TV shows online. The backdrop of the new anti-piracy campaign from the IP Awareness Foundation was provided by passionate anti-piracy advocate – producer/director Anupam Sharma – who offered access to the resources, cast and crew during production of the upcoming feature film unINDIAN.”

“Shot on a working set, this spot puts faces to the roles that make up the industry’s everyday work force – the writers, make-up artists, caterers, sound recordists, costume designers – just a few of the thousands of people it takes to make great films and television – and they thank audiences for playing their part by accessing content the right way.”

Read more here: http://www.ipawareness.com.au/campaigns/2015-play-your-part

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