Initiative Recipients

Asian Animation Summit 2020- Market Recipients

Recipient – Chantelle Murrary

16-27 November 2020, Online | WEBSITE

The ninth-annual Asian Animation Summit was originally intended as a live event in Bali, Indonesia this November. Due to widespread travel restrictions and health & safety issues related to COVID-19, the event is postponed until 2021. Instead, the Asian Animation Summit has produced a virtual event designed to introduce brand-new animation projects from Asia-Pacific to the international marketplace. The experience will be different, but the goal is the same—to showcase the region’s strongest animated projects looking for investors and partners.

The below recipients have been supported by Screen Queensland to pitch at the 2020 Asian Animation Summit – Virtual Edition.


The Good Knight
Kurt Royan (Orange Entertainment) and Samuel Keene
Pitching Tuesday 24 November 12:00pm – 1:00pm
When a young child’s fears begin to manifest as monstrous Knightmares, a fluffy knight in cardboard armour is all that stands between one girl and her greatest fears.

Ryan Greaves (Like a Photon) Chantelle Murray
Pitching Wednesday 25 November 12:00pm – 1:00pm
An epic, comedy-adventure series about a young girl named JARLI, living in a remote community of Western Australia, who has the astronomical dream of flying to the stars and suddenly is thrust into the spotlight when she is inducted into a prestigious space program by a philanthropic tech billionaire.