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Aussie Mega Mechanics season 2 on Discovery now

Big machines. High stakes. Tight deadlines. Aussie Mega Mechanics Series 2 premiered on Monday 9 August 2021 at 7:30 pm on Discovery. 

With the support of Screen Queensland through the Screen Finance program, as well as Discovery and Mediawan, Queensland-based production company WildBear Entertainment produced the second installment of the popular observational documentary series. 

Post-production on Aussie Mega Mechanics was completed by Chop Shop Post at South Brisbane. 

Aussie Mega Mechanics unveils the hard work of dedicated maintenance teams as they tackle monster machinery in a vast range of conditions, both above and below the surface. 
“The world of Aussie Mega Mechanics is bigger and more remarkable than I could have ever anticipated and Series 2 is no exception,” said Producer Veronica Fury of WildBear Entertainment. 

“Battling everything from the chilly temperatures of the Snowy Mountains to the sweltering, arid conditions of central Queensland, these unsung Aussie heroes will take your breath away with their tenacity, perseverance and knowledge of all things ‘Mega’. 

“In this series, the characters we meet are as incredible and as varied as the locations we travelled to.” 

Ms Fury also acknowledged Screen Queensland’s support in 2018 for the first season of the 10 x 45-minute factual documentary series. 

“This series would not have been possible without all of our wonderful partners — Discovery, Mediawan and Screen Queensland; their involvement, feedback and support has been invaluable,” said Ms Fury.