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Have Your Say: COVID-19 Screen Industry Survey #2

Director Martha Goddard and D.O.P. Andrew Condor – The Bureau of Magical Things (S2) Jonathan M. Shiff Productions 2020. Photo by Mark Taylor. 

In March this year, Screen Queensland set up a Queensland Screen Industry Taskforce, and sent out an industry-wide survey, to gauge the challenges facing our sector.

The responses from this survey shaped Screen Queensland’s $3.3million COVID-19 package, to swiftly provide opportunities in-line with the actual needs expressed by you, the industry.

Now, six months later, we are reaching out again to Queensland practitioners to ask for your views on how the industry landscape has changed and how the local industry is adapting. Your honest feedback will help Screen Queensland design future support to continue our mission as a responsive, supportive screen agency. 

The survey takes approximately 10 minutes and has been extended to Friday 16 October 5:00pm.

Thank you for your time.