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25 Authors announced to take part in the inaugural SQ/QWC Adaptable Program

25 Authors announced to take part in the inaugural SQ/QWC Adaptable Program

Screen Queensland (SQ) and the Queensland Writers Centre (QWC)today unveiled a list of 25 authors that will take part in the inaugural SQ/QWC Adaptable Program. 

These authors will pitch their works at a market event being held in Brisbane on 20 March to producers, showrunners, and screenwriters as part of an initiative to build a creative critical mass that will bring more local book adaptations to screen.

“Screen Queensland is excited to be part of this initiative and be working alongside QWC,” said Screen Queensland CEO Tracey Vieira.

“One thing we know in our business is that although the screen platforms are changing and audiences are fragmenting, one thing remains the same – people want great stories told by talented writers, and some of the best-performing films and television series in the world are based on well-loved literary works.

“Queensland has a thriving creative community and we want to tap into other sectors to build on the success of our screen community to date. Our industry is one founded on collaboration and innovation and to work alongside QWC with their engaged community of writers will allow us to take the characters and stories from their pages to global screens.”

The SQ/QWC Adaptable Program will culminate in a market event on 20 March in Brisbane where writers, agents and publishers will have an opportunity to pitch their published and/or publication-ready novels, short stories, biographies, and non-fiction works to producers, showrunners, and screenwriters. The event will also include panels pertinent to the publishing and screen industries as well as a networking event.

“Members of our Queensland writing community collaborated with the Queensland Writers Centre to philanthropically sponsor a number of entries from authors in the Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander, LGBTIQA and women in hardship communities,” said Queensland Writers Centre CEO, Lori-Jay Ellis.

“This created opportunities for diverse voices who would have otherwise not had the opportunity to participate.  Two of these works were ultimately selected for the Adaptable Shortlist.”

“There’s no one true path as a writer. Helping our authors to be ‘adaptable’ to opportunities and navigate the various pathways for their work has been the backbone of the Queensland Writers Centre since it was founded in 1990,” said Ms Ellis.

“The publishing and screen industries are changing rapidly. This collaboration with Screen Queensland helps address the vital subject of sustainability and presents new exciting opportunities for writers, helping them advance their careers.

“So, go do it!  Go write your next book, even if it’s your first.  The possibilities are endless.”

Congratulations to the below Authors:

​Julie Fison  |  Claire Garth

Taryn Bashford  |  Benjamin Allmon

Caylie Jeffery  |  Tanya Vavilova

Renee Treml  |  Eleni Hale

Greg Reed (CT Mitchell)  | Lazaros Zigomanis

Peter Papathanasiou  |  Mhairead MacLeod

Charmaine O’Brien  |  Paul Garrety

Veny Armanno  |  Donna Cameron

Susanne Gervay  |  Chris Adams and Helen Goltz

Victoria Carless  |  Kate Hunter

Samantha Wheeler  |  Chris Kirby-Ryan

Darren Koziol  |  Edoardo Crismani

Cheryl Sullivan

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SQ and QWC launched the Adaptable initiative in part as response to data that shows that in Australia only 10 – 15 per cent of Australian films are adaptations (compared to 60 – 70 per cent in the U.S.). Research commissioned by the Publishers Association and produced by Frontier Economics has shown that films adapted from existing IP such as books perform consistently higher due to audience recognition. The research showed that film adaptions of books gross 53 per cent more worldwide than films from original screenplays.

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