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MEDIA RELEASE: Screen Queensland launches SQattach to create opportunities for on-the-job skills and career development

Screen Queensland (SQ) has launched SQattach – a program designed to create on-the-job skills and career development for state-based screen professionals.

SQattach requires a commitment for producers to provide attachments when applying for the SQ Production Fund.

Expressions of interest are also open for early and mid-career screen practitioners who wish to be considered for an attachment opportunity.

‘We are excited to be launching SQattach.  Attachments are so important for early to mid-career practitioners to be given on-set experience to gain the skills and contacts they need for a successful career,’ said Screen Queensland CEO Tracey Vieira.

‘The future growth and strength of our local screen community relies on our taking a stand today and supporting them with long-term focused initiatives.’

SQ recognises the need to support creative talent and crew as they grow their careers in the screen industry and believes that project-based attachments can be an integral part of career development in features, broadcast, new platforms and games.

SQ (in partnership with producers, production companies and games developers) will be offering professional attachment opportunities throughout the year on projects where it has provided funding.

Twice a year, SQ will issue a call-out for early to mid-career practitioners who are interested in an attachment position on a feature film, broadcast series, single or game. The list of these practitioners will then be provided to projects who will offer an attachment* or attachment plus**.

SQ is committed to promoting diversity of opportunity in the screen industry as well as the diversity of screen stories.  Alongside its commitment to gender equality and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander representation, SQ supports the expansion of talent and stories from all genders, cultural backgrounds and sexual orientations.

SQ will ensure the selection process for all talent and content development initiatives are made according to this commitment and its policies on gender equality and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander representation.

The first call-out for early and mid-career practitioners closes 5.00pm Thursday 29 September 2016.

Attachments to projects can be in two forms:

* Attachments

Through the Production Fund, SQ will ensure early to mid-career attachment opportunities across various key roles.

For these attachments, productions / games should make an allowance of at least AUD$5,000 per attachment which will cover a period approximately five (5) weeks.

> Projects applying for over AUD$100,000 through the Production Fund should allow                       for at least one (1) attachment.

> Productions applying for over AUD$500,000 through the Production Fund should                          allow for at least two (2) attachments.

> Projects applying for any amount of funding through the Production Fund where there is no IP held by a Queensland-based company (outside of SQ or a post house) or a bona-fide Queenslander should allow for at least two (2) attachments.

** Attachments Plus

In certain areas where SQ has identified the need to build the skills of practitioners, SQ will look to match funding with the production company for the attachment to make a combined maximum of AUD$10,000.

The areas where SQ has currently identified a need to build practitioner skills are:

> Directors

> Writers

> Editors

> Post Production Supervisors

> Animators

> VFX Supervisors

> Any other key roles where the applicant can demonstrate the need for state-wide skills development

To register an EOIfor professional attachment opportunities CLICK HERE

For more information and to read the guidelinesCLICK HERE

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