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Media Release: Snake Boss, Animal Planet Australia’s highest rating series on record, returns for Season 2

Screen Queensland (SQ) is thrilled to share Animal Planet’s media release about the airing of season two of Snake Boss, proudly supported by SQ.

Following the global success of the first series airing in Australia on Discovery Network’s Animal Planet and sold internationally as Snake Sheila to 170 countries around the world, Snake Boss is being co-produced by WildBear Entertainment (Veronica Fury) and Flickchicks (Mandy Lake and Margie Brown.)

We congratulate them all on such a successful series!



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Australia is home to most of the world’s deadliest snakes and nowhere more so than Brisbane, a city with more dangerous snakes than any other state capital. Wildlife warrior and snake catcher Julia Baker is back in full force, retrieving reptiles from backyard swimming pools, bathrooms, rooftops and more as Snake Boss, Animal Planet Australia’s highest rating series on record, returns with a brand new season premiering Monday 24 October at 9.30pm AEDT.

For the former pastry chef and thrill-seeking mother of two, face-to-face encounters with Queensland’s most dangerous reptiles are just a regular day in the office. As one of just a handful of females in Australia relocating snakes for a living, Julia is passionate about educating people about the importance of the different species to the ecosystem, so they can understand them rather than fear them.

From uncovering deadly Eastern Brown snakes inside children’s bedrooms to removing them off rooftops, Snake Boss follows Julia as she continues to rescue residents from these unwanted slithering visitors with some help from her husband and fellow snake catcher, Johny Gallacher and their dog, Bonnie.

Retrieving and relocating snakes is all in a day’s work for the tenacious snake catcher, although unluckily for Julia, plenty of call outs this season will see her facing two of her two biggest phobias – heights and spiders – which threaten to get in the way of her doing her job.

Our Snake Boss will also tick off some truly big boxes on her bucket list, including: catching a large Eastern Brown, coming face to face with the notorious Coastal Taipan, and a trip to a leech-infested rainforest to observe snakes in their natural habitat.

With lots of surprises around every twist and turn, you’ll be holding on tighter than a strangling python! The series is co-produced for Animal Planet by WildBear Entertainment and Flickchicks.

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Born in Brisbane, Julia moved to Europe with her parents as a young child where they lived in England, before settling in Germany when Julia was 10.

After finishing school, Julia successfully completed an apprenticeship as a baker and returned to Australia at the age of 24. It was here that she dived head-first into the hospitality industry, working as a pastry chef at a number of 5-star hotels.

Julia’s foray into the snake catching industry started with a bucket list, and among the many bold goals she successfully ticked off, her greatest passion remained her love for snakes – in particular, the venomous species.

In 2010 Julia officially joined the ranks of the Queensland snake-catching community that work full time to relocate snakes from the premises of local Brisbane residents and businesses. In 2012, Julia founded her business ‘1300- Catch-It’ in response to the increasing demand for snake catchers within the city and suburbs of Brisbane.

In addition to running her successful business, Julia also puts on live reptile awareness shows and puppet shows around Brisbane. 



Julia and Johny are back in full throttle – after a winter’s break from snake catching – with a rooftop wrestle. Julia’s then led on a not so merry chase across three back yards, by one of the world’s most dangerous snakes.


Julia grapples with a massive Python, before being struck by a lightning fast Whip Snake. She then finds herself in hospital talking snake bites, before enduring some big ups and big downs.


Johny has a stinker of a day and Julia teaches us a thing or two about keeping lizards before heading into a very tight situation with a venomous trespasser.


Julia rescues a terrified Russian rapper from a neighbourhood gangsta, Johny finds himself in a gripping tug of war, Bonnie finally gets to play Snoop Dog in a real scenario, and Julia brings home a new baby.


Julia’s reflexes are put to the test trying to catch one of Australia’s speediest snakes, dog trainer Barry gives Julia a tough decision to make after analysing Bonnie’s bad day out, a cornered Eastern Brown causes a real stink, then Johny and Julia are called to another grim rescue mission.


Julia rescues a police officer from an unwelcome intruder, Johny gets to go up against a venomous snake all on his lonesome, and Julia goes wild at night, in a leech-infested forest.


It’s touch and go for a Python that’s come off second best against two dogs, Johny’s artistic side is ignited, and baby season is well and truly in full swing, with Julia trying to control some misbehaving kids.


Julia’s looking for the rainbow at the end of the Python. She’s then confronted with the world’s most venomous land snake before removing an unwelcome visitor from a retirement village. And when Johny’s called out to save a very distressed carpet python, he ends up falling just a little bit in love.


Johny rescues a python from a toilet and Julia finally launches her new business venture. She then has to wrangle an intrusive Red-Bellied Black, before hunting an Eastern Brown, under the watchful eye of a dangerous duck.


The season comes to a crashing end, but not before some epic struggles. Johny finds himself in a dangerous face off with absolutely nowhere to go, while Julia doesn’t escape a Python’s stinky defense tactic. And a rescue story ends on a bittersweet note…

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