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sqhub’s Lamington Games strikes a chord with Asian market

sqhub’s Lamington Games strikes a chord with Asian market

sqhub resident and games developer David Kilford of Lamington Games has launched his game Super Drop Landreaching more than 250,000 downloads since June with the majority in China and Japan.

Ms Tracey Vieira, CEO of Screen Queensland, said SQ was proud to have supported Super Drop Landthrough the Games Development and Marketing Investment initiative.

“We were able to support seven games, including Super Drop Land in our inaugural Games Development and Marketing Investment initiative that are estimated to inject more than $1.5 million into the local economy,” said Ms Vieira.

“Our second round is currently open for applications and we’re excited to continue to help developers reach their full potential to create and market high-quality games capable of engaging local and international players and and achieving commercial success,” said Ms Vieira.

Lamington Games has also received targeted support from Screen Queensland including residency at sqhub, a co-working space and incubator dedicated to the screen sector and Travel and Marketing grants enabling Mr Kilford to pitch Super Drop Land at major games conferences which have been critical to the game’s successful launch.

Mr Kilford, Director of Lamington Games, said State Government support for the games sector was important to help developers get the kick start they need to develop, market and launch games, and Queensland was one of the few states in Australia that met this need.

“The support I’ve received has allowed me to work on Super Drop Land for the last 18 months and travel to key industry events to market the game.

“Super Drop Land is a casual, mobile adventure game, where the player uses two-button controls to move through levels, collecting tokens and avoiding ghosts along the way.

“I’m using analytics to understand to modify the game based on user behaviour and the game is proving very popular in China and Japan with more than half the downloads from these countries,” said Mr Kilford.

Super Drop Land is free to download with revenue coming from in-game advertising and is currently available on iOS with an android release coming soon.

Applications are currently open for the second round of Game Development Marketing Investment and will close this Friday 31 August.

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SQ will also support a delegation of the State’s game developers to attend the Game Connect Asia Pacific (GCAP) and PAXin Melbourne in October 2018. Applications close Tuesday 11 September.

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