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Queensland writers to develop new series and film scripts

Talented Queensland writers will advance writing projects with support from the Queensland Government through Screen Queensland’s new Talent Development Fund, announced Screen Queensland Chair Catherine O’Sullivan.

“The first round of the Talent Development Fund will provide support of $72,000 for seven writers to shape film scripts and television series under the guidance of experienced script editors and mentors,” Ms O’Sullivan said.

The successful recipients are:

Martha Goddard (Southern Downs) is a writer/director who has directed commercials, documentaries and short films, including a drama/comedy series funded through Screen Australia’s Gender Matters initiative. Martha is passionate about writing and directing contemporary stories with universal themes.

Writing team Matteo Grasso and Matthew Hall are emerging Brisbane writers creating marketable and interesting work for Australian and international audiences.

Samuel Keene (Brisbane) is a director/writer/script editor with an interest in visually engaging content and design.

Sean Lynch (Brisbane) is a writer/director with a focus on comedy and drama.

Jason Reed (Brisbane) has written screenplays, television series and web series.

Edwina Shaw (Brisbane) is a teacher and a writer across a number of genres, including short stories and young adults.

Ms O’Sullivan said the Talent Development Fund called for Queensland writers or writing teams with draft screenplays suitable for development and without a producer attached.

“The Talent Development Fund responds to the industry’s need to support screen scripts at an early stage,” she said.

“We received an enthusiastic response to this opportunity with applicants demonstrating an impressive level of talent and exciting ideas.”

“Assessments considered the originality and commercial appeal of the concepts as well as the execution,” Ms O’Sullivan said.

The Talent Development Fund provides support of up to $15,000 (up to $10,000 for writing and up to $5,000 for a script editor or creative mentor/expert).

The Talent Development Fund is available in two rounds per financial year. The next round will open in March 2018.