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Screen Queensland announces new genre initiative – SQ incuBAIT

Screen Queensland (SQ) is thrilled to announce a new initiative offering four individuals or teams who have exciting genre projects, the opportunity to fast-track their feature through a new development workshop called SQ incuBAIT.

SQ incuBAIT will be convened by acclaimed Queensland genre writers pictured above Shayne Armstrong (R) and Shane Krause (L) the creative force behind The Darkness, Acolytes, BAIT 3D, who will work with up-and-coming talent to develop strong genre scripts that will appeal to genre fans of all ages and financiers.

The SQ incuBAIT workshop will be an intensive two-day experience in which writers and writer-producer teams will be given insights into what makes a genre film work and endure for dedicated, demanding and discerning audiences, that are always seeking fresh and entertaining new takes on the types of stories they love.

Participants will produce thorough development plans as a tool to create vibrant and market-focussed work.  At the end of the two-day workshop, participants will pitch their project to an experienced genre producer and will then use the development plan as a platform to complete a new draft, which will receive further feedback from Armstrong and Krause. 

Applicants may be individual writers, writing teams and may or may not have producers attached.  Key creatives generally should have no more than one feature film credit for the role in which they are attached to the project.

Projects should be at first or second draft stage, have the potential to connect with the market and audiences in Australia and internationally, and be achievable on production budgets of no more than AUD $5 million.

Who can apply?

SQ incuBAIT is open to Queensland creative writers and writer/producer teams*.

* Teams where the writer also fulfils the role of the producer are not eligible to apply, unless a second producer or credible executive producer is attached.

> Key creatives generally should have no more than one feature film credit for the role in which they are attached to the project.  More experienced creatives are able to apply but should be paired with other members who have no more than one feature film credit in their field.

> All participants (producer and writer) must be available to attend the one workshop in Brisbane (dates below) and commit to the completion and delivery of one further draft based on the development plan by the deadline specified at the time of the workshop. 

> All applicants must be a resident in Queensland.

> SQ may cover the cost of travel for participants who travel from outside of Brisbane to attend the workshop.

Key dates

Applications close  AEST 9am, Tuesday 26 April 2016

> Individuals and/or teams announced     Tuesday 17 May 2016

> Workshop                                                     Thursday 26 May – Friday 27 May 2016 

> Additional draft supplied                          Monday 29 August 2016

What documents are required to apply?

All applications must include:

>        Concept/pitch document (no more than one page)

>        The latest draft of the screenplay (no more than 120 pages)

>        Short bios for all members of the team

How will my application be assessed?

All applications will be assessed on the following criteria:

>       the strength, originality and commerciality of the idea or concept

>       the track record of the team

>       the quality of the storytelling

>       the potential of the project to reach its specified audience

>       the potential benefit to the Queensland screen industry

SQ will shortlist applications on the basis of the concept/pitch document and a writing sample only.

Shortlisted applications will be assessed by a SQ assessor and by the workshop convenors (Armstrong & Krause) based on all application materials, including the entire draft screenplay.

SQ is committed to supporting the goals of the Australia-wide Gender Matters initiative and to ensure fair opportunity for all Queenslanders, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

Projects that intend to shoot in Queensland will be viewed more favourably.

How do I apply?

Applications are through SmartyGrants via: http://screenqueensland.smartygrants.com.au

Applications close AEST 9.00am Tuesday 26 April 2016



Fangoria Magazine described award-winning Australian screenwriting partnership, Shayne Armstrong & S.P.Krause, as “Australia’s most prolific genre screenwriters”. 

Their supernatural thriller The Darkness (2016), produced by Blumhouse Productions and co-written with Greg McLean, opens on 1,500 screens in the U.S in May 2016. They also wrote the crime thriller Acolytes (2008) starring Joel Edgerton and Bella Heathcote, and the high-concept creature feature Bait 3D (2012) which was Australia’s highest grossing film internationally in the year of its release and the highest ever grossing Australian film in China.

They are currently developing Last One Alive, a horror-action feature for Entertainment 360; Tremula, a sci-fi TV series for Michael Rymer (Battlestar Galactica, Hannibal); Theo: A Haunting, a supernatural thriller feature for Kristian Moliere (The Babadook); and The Horde: Conversion, a feature-length prequel to the English-language remake of the cult French zombie movie La Horde.

Writing under the penname TJ Park, they have also recently released their debut horror novel Unbidden which the publisher Harper-Collins Books describes as “the most terrifying supernatural crime novel you will ever read”.

The screenwriting partnership also co-created and has written numerous episodes of the TV series K9 (a spin-off featuring the beloved Doctor Who character), recently completed a series of Star Wars featureless for Disney X-D and are developing, with Kristian Moliere, a TV series based on the cult sci-fi novel The Quiet Earth.

They are four-time AWGIE nominees and winners of the Australian Writers Guild John Hinde Award for Excellence in Sci-Fi Writing (the only writers to win it twice).

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