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Screen Queensland announces SQ incuBAIT participants

Screen Queensland (SQ) has announced four exciting genre projects created by rising Queensland writing talent that will be part of the first SQ incuBAIT – an intensive development workshop led by acclaimed genre writers Shayne Armstrong and Shane Krause (The Darkness, Acolytes, BAIT 3D).

The four projects selected are:

Raesita Gray; written by Katrina Graham

Haunted by guilt over her husband’s death, newly pregnant Raesita Grey develops a deadly connection with a Kuntil Anak, the most famous of Indonesian ghosts. 

The Parallel Lives Of Alice; written Nicholas and Christopher Anthony

A high school girl comes into contact with a powerful alien being that sets off a chain of events that could cause irrevocable change to reality. 

Outpost 279; written by Samuel Gay and Stewart Klein

A sex android, brought illegally to a remote military outpost, takes ‘rough play’ to the next level and begins killing the army squad one by one.                     

Maul!; written by Drew Jarvis

Friends celebrating the end of high school on Christmas Eve have their party crashed by a group of deranged, escaped serial killers hell-bent on satisfying their twisted urges.

Screen Queensland was overwhelmed by the number of applications for this program and impressed by the level of the applications received,’ said SQ CEO Tracey Vieira.

‘There is certainly a healthy thirst for genre amongst the Queensland industry.’ 

‘We look forward to seeing some thrilling outcomes from these talented creatives as they continue their script process working with the state, if not the country’s, most prolific and celebrated genre writing team, Armstrong & Krause.’ 

The four selected projects were selected based on their potential to connect with an international audience and their ability to be made on a market-viable budget.

As part of the SQ incuBAIT two-day development workshop (commencing today), filmmakers will be given insights into what will make their genre script succeed in the global marketplace. And at the end of the workshop, participants will pitch their project to producer Tim McGahan (Predestination).

They will then create an audience and market-focused development plan as a basis for a new draft script to be written with the support of Armstrong & Krause.

‘We’ve witnessed mounting interest from international audiences hungry for original, high-quality Australian genre features. Queensland has produced some of the most imaginative genre minds and its writers and producers have exported some successful, scary and smart films for this audience. SQ is delighted to continue its work with exceptional local talent to develop the next generation of genre writers,’ said Jo Dillon, SQ’s EVP – Development & Production.     

Shayne Armstrong and Shane Krause said, ‘We’ve had a lot of fun plunging into some great Queensland talent. From the blood curdling to the thrillingly fresh, we look forward to sharing our experiences with the successful participants and discussing the future of each project.’