Applications closed Friday 22 March, 5:00pm

Screen Queensland has launched the $3 million Business Enterprise fund to assist Queensland screen businesses to attract, develop and expand, as part of the agency’s commitment to supporting the creation and retention of local Intellectual Property.  

Business Enterprise will provide multi-year grant funding of up to $150,000 per year and practical business development support for emerging and established Queensland production businesses. Recipients will be supported to achieve measurable outcomes based on a comprehensive and clearly articulated 3-year growth strategy.

Introductory webinar

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If I am successful, am I guaranteed to receive funding for three years? 

At the end of each funding year, recipients will be required to demonstrate how they have successfully met KPIs for the past year and justify any deviations from their initial business plan. Maximum of three years funding per business. 

If I am successful, do I need to repay any of the funding? 

No, funding awarded under Screen Queensland’s Enterprise Program is not a loan. Successful applicants receive non-recoupable grants, and repayment is not required if all terms and conditions are met. 

Can I apply as an individual to do a placement with a company? 

No, however businesses can apply to have an individual work within their organisation as part of their application. 

Will my application be more attractive if I ask for less than the maximum amount? 

The attractiveness of your application is based on the alignment of your proposed activities with program goals and guidelines. Request an amount that is justified by your planned initiatives and resources needed. 

I’m not currently running a screen business but I want to start one. Am I eligible to apply? 

Eligibility is contingent on having reportable credits in the platforms and genres applicable to this program. If your business is new to the screen industry, consider referring to Screen Queensland’s guidelines or reaching out for guidance. 

Will the program run in future years? 

For information on the program’s future cycles, it is recommended to stay updated through Screen Queensland’s communication channels, announcements, or official communications. 



  • Increase the volume of locally retained IP by local production businesses
  • Increase the number of commissions from broadcasters, networks, streamers and other content platforms for local production businesses
  • Increase the range and number of projects in development by local businesses
  • Assist early-stage production businesses to access cash-flow to build and develop capabilities and access resources as required
  • Assist established production businesses to expand into new areas, with an emphasis on innovation and diversification


The aim of the program is to support business strategies that:

  • drive quality and capacity to meet domestic and/or global demand
  • provide financial return
  • provide growth
  • are viable
  • contribute to diversity, equity and inclusion
  • align with Screen Queensland’s Strategic Plan.

Activities undertaken as a part of the program must be predominantly based in Queensland.

Applicants must be registered and based in Queensland (with at least 75% of staff Bona Fide Queenslanders) and owned and controlled by Queensland-based stakeholders.

Applicant’s primary business activities must relate to the development and production of original screen content. They must have reportable credits in the platforms and genres for which they are applying for support. Screen Queensland encourages applications from businesses that are developing and/or retaining Queensland Intellectual Property.

Applicants will be required to provide evidence of eligibility and also meet Screen Queensland’s general eligibility requirements as set out in the Terms of Trade. Please read the FAQs to determine if your business is eligible.

Applicants who have previously received funding (including past Enterprise or NQ Enterprise initiatives) from Screen Queensland or other funding bodies are still able to apply.

Post-production and VFX businesses are not eligible for this program, which focuses on original IP creation.

Supplier businesses, such as casting agents, freight and catering businesses, not directly involved in content development and production are not eligible for this funding.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander screen practitioners are encouraged to apply. Additionally, we are committed to ensuring diverse representation across all aspects of the production and development process, including female; age; Aboriginal identity; Torres Strait Islander identity; cultural and linguistic diversity; disability; LGBTQIA+, location (including regional and remote areas); and socio-economic status. 


Successful applicants will receive grant funding of up to $150,000 per year over 3 years (subject to reporting requirements and achievement of milestones).

Additionally, successful businesses will participate in a curated program of training and support designed to enhance and strengthen the activities being undertaken by the applicant.


What activities can be funded?

This program is designed to assist emerging businesses to become financially viable, build capabilities in the local and global market and support established businesses to explore innovative new ways of growing the local screen production sector through diversification and new business initiatives.

Funding can be used to support several activities including but not restricted to:

  • company and business structuring
  • domestic and international strategy
  • financing and partnership
  • investing in innovation
  • hiring experts and/or engaging consultative business services
  • engaging staff

Funded activities need be tied to a business case that articulates the outcomes anticipated by the applicant and explains how this relates to the program objectives. 

Funding is not intended to be used for slate development. Applicants that wish to apply for development funding can do so as per Screen Queensland’s current Development Fund.

Funding is not intended to be used for corporate infrastructure costs such as office space leasing or building upgrades/renovations.


There is a two-stage application process. Stage 1 is open for all eligible applicants. Stage 2 will be for those applicants who have submitted the most competitive Stage 1 application and will be by invitation only.

Stage 1:

Submit an application by 5:00pm AEST Friday 22 March 2024 using Screen Queensland’s SmartyGrants application portal. When you submit you will receive a confirmation email. Please notify Screen Queensland if you do not receive this within 30 minutes. Following submission, your application’s eligibility will be checked and if approved will proceed to assessment. In your submission, you must include:

  • A video pitch summarising why your business is applying (3 minutes maximum duration).
  • Answers to each of the sections in the SmartyGrants application form. An offline version of the questions including word limits is available to download here.
  • Accountant certified business Financials for FY22 and FY23 (Profit and Loss at a minimum)

Applicants will be advised by Friday 3 May on the outcome of their Stage 1 submission, and if they will be invited to participate in Stage 2.

Stage 2:

Applicants will be sent a link to complete a second stage application, due by 5:00pm AEST Friday 31 May. Materials submitted for Stage 2 will focus on the details of the activities being undertaken and measured during the program, and additional documentation will be provided to Stage 2 applicants.


Applications will be assessed against the following criteria:

  1. Strategy: Do the activities that the applicant proposes to undertake using the requested funding make strategic sense in the context of the business’s existing focus; the opportunities that the applicant has identified in the marketplace; and the objectives of the Enterprise program?
  2. Viability: Are the proposed activities likely to increase the viability of the business and has the applicant described how the activities will be sustained beyond the terms of the funding provided?
  3. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: How do the proposed activities meaningfully contribute to fostering and promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion considering the current state of business and the broader industry landscape?
  4. Capability and Executability: Has the applicant identified the resources, expertise, and abilities required to deliver the proposed activities, and how they will access these resources and capabilities.
  5. Benefits to Industry: Are the activities being proposed going to have an ongoing future benefit for the Queensland production industry in line with the objectives of the Enterprise program?

Successful applicants will enter into a Grant Agreement with Screen Queensland. Grants Agreements will be for a 12-month duration but may be renewed for up to two additional years (three years in total).

Businesses will be funded on an annual basis with 40% of the funding provided on signing, and 20% on receipt of interim reports at 3, 6, and 9 months from the state date. These drawdown percentages are a guide and may be subject to change based on the Applicant’s submission. Prior to the end of each 12-month period, Applicants will need to provide a presentation to Screen Queensland outlining their progression against KPIs in that year and detailing their planned activities for the subsequent 12 months. If deemed eligible, Screen Queensland will enter into a subsequent agreement for a second or third year of funding.


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