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Congratulations to the SQ Shorts Program creative teams

Congratulations to the SQ Shorts Program creative teams

The Queensland Government, through Screen Queensland, has invested $480,000 in the SQ Shorts Program supporting 12 short films to create opportunities for the state’s early and mid-career creative talent to develop standout stories for the screen.

Screen Queensland congratulates the 12 creative teams who have been selected for the SQ Shorts Program, each to receive funding of $40,000 per project, along with high-level mentoring and workshops to aid development and production of their short films.

SQ Shorts is supporting a range of films that include:
> three ‘edgy’ genre shorts;
> three Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander films on the theme of love;
> three horror/ genre shorts; and
> three comedy pilots.

The SQ Shorts Program participants are:

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander films on the theme of LOVE

> My Name is Mudju
Helen Morrison (Producer)
Belinda Miller (Producer)
Chantelle Murray (Director/Writer)

> Walter’s Ghost
Dena Curtis (Producer)
Caden Pearson (Director/Writer)

> Deserve Desire
Aaron Fa’aoso (Producer)
Dena Curtis (Executive Producer)
Jimi Bani (Director/Writer)

Online Comedy

> Cursed
Tristan Barr (Producer)
Connor Fairclough (Director/Writer)

> Sex and Breeding
Melissa Crabtree (Producer)
Loani Arman (Director/Writer)

> For a Good Cause
Genevieve Larin (Producer)
Mary Duong (Producer)
Tony Walsh (Director/Writer)


> And the Winner is
Danielle Redford (Producer)
Cameron March (Director)
Jordan Lynagh (Writer)
Julian Curtis (Writer)

> Lavender
Brittany Blacka (Producer)
Henry Boffin (Director/Writer)

> Reformed
Samantha Timms (Director/Writer)


> Stray
Brenton Pinsent (Producer)
Katherine Chediak Putnam (Writer)
Dean Law (Director/Writer)

> No Friend in the Forest
Emily Avila (Producer)
Sam Dixon (Director/Writer)

> Here There Be Monsters
Steven Geddes (Producer)
Drew Macdonald (Director/Writer)

The SQ Shorts will screen at a number of popular international film festivals and events. 

Congratulations again to all these outstanding Queensland creatives!

> Screen Queensland

Pictured above from left to right:
Row 1 – Helen Morrison, Belinda Miller, Dena Curtis, Caden Pearson
Row 2 – Aaron Fa’aoso, Jimi Bani, Tristan Barr, Connor Fairclough
Row 3 – Melissa Crabtree, Loani Arman, Genevieve Larin, Mary Duong 
Row 4 – Tony Walsh, Danielle Redford, Cameron March, Jordan Lynagh

​Pictured above from left to right:
Row 1 – Julian Curtis, Brittany Blacka, Henry Boffin
Row 2 – Samantha Timms, Brenton Pinsent, Katherine Chediak Putnam
Row 3 – Dean Law, Emily Avila, Sam Dixon
Row 4 – Drew Macdonald