The 2018 ‘Working the Pitch’ recipients


The 2018 ‘Working the Pitch’ recipients

This week, Screen Queensland partnered with The Solid State and delivered ‘Working the Pitch’ – an intensive two-day masterclass and consultation for local filmmakers selected via an Expressions of Interest application process – on how to create an effective trailer, market and pitch a screen project.

The selected practitioners are:

> Luke GrahamSharko (Documentary feature)

> Breanna Roe and Steph Dower – Carry On (Broadcast documentary series)

> John Swatland and Lizzy Swatland – Scattered People (Documentary feature)

The SQ ‘Working the Pitch’ initiative was targeted to projects considered ready-to-go to market, with the intended goal that each participating team will walk away with an ability to articulate a robust pitch that sells their feature film or broadcast project, and a concept trailer as a tool to raise finance and secure market attachment.

Following the intensive two-day masterclass on creating an effective trailer, marketing and pitching the screen project to distributors, The Solid State provided trailer scripts that will help to shape each team’s project through the editing process. Over eight weeks, The Solid State will provide guidance and feedback on three cuts of their trailer, resulting in pitch-ready material to take to market.

The final trailers will be showcased to a room of market representatives (e.g. distributors, production companies, festival directors) for further feedback.

The 2018 Working the Pitch Recipients:

Luke Graham

Luke Graham – Sharko (Documentary feature)

Logline: Widely regarded as the greatest player ever, Kiwi hard-man Mark Graham was feared off and on the field – though little know the real man. Sharko, gives an intimate look at the life of a legend, through the eyes of his son.

Breanna Roe

Steph Dower

Breanna Roe and Steph Dower – Carry On (Broadcast documentary series)

Logline: Six disabled twenty-somethings have four short weeks and limited cash to experience an iconic Euro summer in a rite of passage that will challenge their independence and sense of humour. They’ll eat baguettes at the Eiffel tower, make wishes at the Trevi Fountain and cheers to more adventures during Oktoberfest – all while dealing with (literal) speed bumps, foreign (sign) languages, (blind) trust or even worse…f*** stairs.

 John Swatland

Lizzy Swatland

John Swatland and Lizzy Swatland – Scattered People (Documentary feature)

Logline: After surviving a terrifying journey, two young refugees (silenced in their own country) find themselves in an unwelcoming country facing an uncertain future.  A determined group of talented musicians have other plans and help them to find a new life and discover a new voice.