SQ initiatives

SQ gender parity program

Screen Queensland aims to remove barriers for female screen practitioners to ensure more diversity both in front of and behind the camera.

Screen Queensland launched its Gender Parity Program In 2016 to support the targets set through Screen Australia’s Gender Matters, and address the gender imbalance within the industry.

The aim is to bring about real change in the screen industry and to remove barriers that create  gender imbalance.

SQ Gender Parity Program Initiatives:

> Women’s Filmmaker Showcase: create an online female filmmaking showcase to promote existing female writers, directors and producers and their work

> Mentor and Leadership Program: establish a mentor and leadership program designed to pair established filmmakers with early career female screenwriters, directors and producers

> Creative Attachments: Provide creative attachments opportunities for women in key creative roles

> IncubatHER: Present an annual incubator with international leaders in the industry to gather intelligence and implement best practice to grow women’s participation in creative roles in Queensland’s screen sector

> Undertake Research and Measure Outcomes

SQ to:

> Evaluate (numbers and percentages) of applications and funding of women in key creative roles (writer, director, and producer) across relevant Screen Queensland programs and initiatives

> Carry out the Bechdel Test on scripts submitted as part of applications/funded across relevant Screen Queensland programs and initiatives

For further information, please contact SQ on +61 7 3248 0500 or email us on screenqld@screenqld.com.au