production attraction

A production attraction program to provide significant economic, industry up-skilling and cultural benefits to Queensland, whilst supporting the creation and viability of enduring capital intensive infrastructure in Queensland.

Talk to Screen Queensland about the selection of incentives and grants it offers in its Production Attraction Program for projects that have a minimum AUD$3.5 million Queensland Production Expenditure (QPE):

Production Attraction Incentive – a grant provided to producers based on the anticipated Queensland Production Expenditure (QPE), the engagement of bona fide Queensland practitioners, and/or the creation of infrastructure in Queensland.

Location and Scouting Assistance – provided for projects considering Queensland locations, and provided prior to commencement of pre-production or during, financing. The extent of support is based on the anticipated Queensland Production Expenditure (QPE).

State Payroll Tax Rebate – available for those productions that have paid the 4.75% Queensland Payroll Tax and with a spend greater than AUD$3.5 million Queensland Production expenditure (QPE). Read the Guidelines here

Regional Statewide Incentive Grants – a negotiable grant up to AUD$100,000 based on regional spend and employment opportunities.

Post, Digital and Visual Effects Attraction Grant – a 10%, uncapped grant for projects with a minimum spend of AUD$500,000 in Queensland on post-production elements.

The Revolving Film Financing Fund (RFFF) – provides secured loans to cash-flow the Producer Offset, distribution guarantees and pre-sales with a 7 per cent loan fee charged on RFFF loans making it an extremely competitive option.

Development and Production Investment Grant available where a Queensland producer or writer is attached.

Screen Queensland also supports co-productions and is ready to talk to you about the benefits of working with Queensland producers including the advantage of both state and federal incentives (including Screen Australia’s 40% federal offset.)


– National and International Producers
– Generally AUD$3.5m minimum QPE

Generally must not have received Production Investment


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Funding Guidelines
Terms of Trade

For any initial enquiries about Screen Queensland funding programs and initiatives please contact: Screen Queensland Reception +61 7 3248 0500