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In response to industry consultation, Screen Queensland has made updates to our funding guidelines which will be implemented from Monday 1 July 2024.

Adjustments have initially been made to the agency’s guidelines across its local industry funding programs including Development and Screen Finance, to drive increased Queensland-owned production and support the sector’s local screen creators.

Queensland’s screen production sector is growing at a rapid pace and the updates are designed to: 

  • better reflect industry changes  
  • create more opportunities for our state’s screen practitioners and production companies, encourage more local IP retention and assist more homegrown screen stories to be made here in Queensland 
  • ensure Queensland continues to be an attractive and competitive destination for local, national and international screen production. 

The guidelines review was informed by feedback from independent consultation with established screen practitioners and industry bodies from local, national and international perspectives through surveys and direct discussions, along with reviews of published materials from other screen bodies and agencies.  

Further changes designed to streamline the agency’s incentive programs, including Production Attraction Strategy (PAS) and Post Digital and Visual Effects (PDV) Incentives, will be announced soon. 


Visit the funding pages below for full details including eligibility requirements.

Development Fund

Now offered as grants rather than equity investment.

  • increased cap for early-stage projects from Queensland-resident practitioners from $10,000 to $15,000 
  • increased cap on late-stage funding for Queensland-resident and interstate producers from $25,000 to $30,000 
  • new development slate funding of up to $50,000 for Queensland-resident producers with a minimum of three projects 
  • funding cap is $100,000 across all Development grants per year. 
Screen Finance Fund

Increased QPE percentage on offer.

  • base funding for projects from Queensland-resident producers is increased from 10 per cent of Queensland Production Expenditure (QPE) to 12 per cent 
  • projects from interstate producers remain eligible for support, with the same minimum requirements of a Queensland-resident writer, director or producer and a line producer to receive base funding of 10 per cent of QPE 
  • both Queensland-resident and interstate producers may be able to access additional funding (capped at 15 and 12 per cent QPE respectively) by demonstrating extra tangible benefits to Queensland, including First Nations content, additional opportunities for Queensland above-the-line practitioners and stories that represent Queensland as Queensland on screen 
  • funding cap remains at $850,000 per project. 
Market and Travel Grants

New support for professional development travel.

In early 2024, the Market Grants program was expanded to include new support for Queensland-based practitioners travelling for professional development as well as business development opportunities. 

To learn more, read the full media release here.


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