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My Family Matters – Ipswich, premieres July 13

The SQ-supported Bacon Factory Films production, My Family Matters, will premiere on NITV July 13.

My Family Matters is a celebration of modern Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families, and the everyday role models that exist within them. This heart-warming story captures everyday life, shining a light on ordinary families doing extraordinary things.

For the Hartas family of 13 in Ipswich, balancing contemporary life with culture includes dealing with disability, preparing for the arrival of a new grandchild and reconnecting with long lost family.

They are a family that face lots of challenges, but are firmly held together by love.

The production is Written by Dean Gibson and Helen Morrison, Directed by Dean Gibson and Produced by Helen Morrison and Kylie Pascoe.

“My Family Matters’ celebrates urban, modern Indigenous family life, by capturing real and raw everyday life from within the heart of a home,” said writer and director Dean Gibson.

“We will see strong girls, compassionate boys and parents doing their thing in a very unique and special environment – we will see and feel their growth, surprises and challenges.” said Gibson.

My Family Matters will premiere 8:30pm on NITV, as part of the Karla Grant Presents program.