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Screen Queensland Invests in Unique Pathways to Screen

Poster for Acropolisworld, to be directed by Dan Macarthur and produced by Mel Poole
Poster for Acropolisworld, to be directed by Dan Macarthur and produced by Mel Poole

Three Queensland teams will demonstrate their ability to deliver screen content through new pathways thanks to Screen Queensland’s Proof of Concept initiative.

The only initiative of its kind in Australia, Proof of Concept will invest in four unique projects which pioneer new development processes and use different means of building market and audience interest.

Screen Queensland’s acting CEO Jo Dillion said Screen Queensland is proud to be backing filmmakers who are breaking new ground.

“Businesses striving to find novel and audience-driven pathways to produce and test screen content is something we are excited to be investing in.

“As traditional models continue to be disrupted, it’s important as an industry that we support change-makers as they navigate new ways of finding and building audiences, securing finance and selling projects,” said Ms Dillion. 

Brisbane-based producer and distributor Danielle Redford will produce two podcast series for Amazon’s Audible: From Her Rib and Beyond Strange Lands, to demonstrate the value of using digital audio platforms to build audiences for screen stories.

“We have been evaluating the challenges facing independent filmmakers as we develop our own scripts, looking at how we can utilise new story forms to strengthen project value and build scalable audiences,” said Ms Redford.

“Screen Queensland’s support of innovative script-to-screen models allows us to proactively address market issues in our creative approach, and we’re thrilled for the opportunity to tell these stories in an exciting new audio format with Audible.”

The other two projects to receive support through Proof of Concept are:

  • Inferno, a unique horror addressing parenthood fears that will be made as a live-action short to build market interest
  • Acropolisworld, an animated dieselpunk universe which will demonstrate its potential through the development of an animated pilot episode produced using motion capture technology coupled with a graphic novel.

Creator and Director of Acropolisworld, Dan Macarthur said their project has already started building traction with audiences via their website and social media platforms and will be propelled forward thanks to the Proof of Concept initiative.

“This funding will fast-track the next chapter of this transmedia project that will debut as an animated series and graphic novel incorporating augmented reality and move through to a feature trilogy,” explained Macarthur.

All four short-form projects will now move into production to be completed in 2020 ready for release to various target markets and moving these stories closer to their full potential as either feature films or series.


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ABOUT ACROPOLISWORLD Acropolis is a thriving, crime-free dieselpunk city with a defined class system and the brain child of Queenslanders Dan Macarthur (Director) and Mel Poole (Producer). With a long-term vision that starts at graphic novel and ends at feature film, this creative team have already launched a website and began building an audience for their 3D animated universe.

Their proof of concept short animation will follow Detective Goodwell as he investigates a missing person case in a city without crime that he’s told not to pursue – unravelling dark secrets on his way.

ABOUT FROM HER RIB AND BEYOND STRANGE LANDS From podcast to screen, From Her Rib (written and directed by Clare Sladden) and Beyond Strange Lands (written by Queenslanders David Peterson and Simon Taylor, and directed by Hannah Ariotti) will both be produced by Danielle Redford for Audible.

From Her Rib is a true-crime style, potential feature film narrative that follows a pair of podcasters as they try to solve the mystery surrounding a celebrated musician 25 years on from his disappearance.

While Beyond Strange Lands is a rollicking sci-fi adventure that sprawls across the Australian outback in a 12-part series with the potential for further development as a screen series.

ABOUT INFERNO Exploring our deep-seated fear of becoming our parents, Inferno plays on the age-old haunted house story – bringing new life to a horror classic.

The narrative follows family man Raymond Wyatt as he tears down the remains of his burned-out childhood home in an attempt to bury his family’s tragic past only to find himself tormented by something sinister uncovered in the demolition.

The film will be Queenslander Katherine Chediak Putnam’s directorial debut, following her mentorship with Jane Campion earlier this year. Inferno is co-written by Katherine Chediak Putnam and Dean Law and produced by Dean Law and Brenton Pinsent. The team hope to develop this concept into a full-length feature and will be creating a short film version for their proof on concept.

ABOUT SCREEN QUEENSLAND Screen Queensland is a Queensland Government owned company that invests in talent and production to grow a creative, innovative and successful screen industry with a focus on stories and audience, secures production and post, digital and vfx to Queensland, and delivers an active screen culture through festivals and events funding across the state. Screen Queensland invests in stories and talent through a range of mechanisms including development, production investment, initiatives, sqhub and mentorships. Screen Queensland is deeply committed to increasing diversity in the screen industry to reflect the Australian community. For more information visit screenqld.com.au

Project images: http://www.dropbox.com/sh/nhllaz7tmmwm0jq/AADPC25OMT4pKKylPsUifS8ca?dl=0